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Virasana Cycle

My first glimpse of yoga was in a private session with Alan Goode. After discussing the physical challenges that I was facing Alan said “Okay. Let’s see what you CAN do”. He knelt down and sat on a block, interlaced his fingers, turned is palms away from his face and raised his hands above his head. ‘Parvatanasana in Virasana’. I gingerly knelt down beside him, interlaced my fingers and raised my hands. I felt overwhelmed as I faced my broken body for the first time in years. My hands reached my forehead and stopped, the sensation I felt was so intense.

Practice and Detachment

by Fran Tolhurst
BKS Iyengar writes at the beginning of his commentary on the fourth chapter of the Yogasutra that in the end, our aim is to live a life free of attachment and desire, “ ... "One time in Afghanistan, before I was about to travel by road from one region to the next, one of my friends warned me to be careful in case of militia; “Remember, they do not care who you are, what you have done in life, what your status is. They do not ask who is your grandfather, or your father, or how many children you have. They will just kill you; without passion.”

How Yoga Changes us

by Peta Keaney
‘Yoga has the power to change us’. We hear this a lot. But how does yoga change us? I know yoga makes me feel good and that when I do it I feel ‘happy’ - but how does this translate into longer term change in the way I live my life?

Led practice and leading practice

by Emma Wiadrowski
A number of years ago I found myself attending early morning led practice sessions as a prospective leader, wide-eyed and very nervous. The led practice program was just commencing in the Institute, and until that time I had given the prospect of being a leader little thought. While becoming a leader was daunting at first, the program provided ample opportunity to learn from and watch the other leaders ...

Book Reviews

By Fran Tolhurst
“... if there is one single thing that characterizes the literature on Yoga, it is repetition and redundancy in the guise of novelty and independent invention"
This submission by Fran Tolhurst reviews 3 books

Yoga Sadhana- a guide for sadhakas and teachers

by Peta Keaney

When I first arrived at Yoga Mandir I got lucky! A few months in, Alan invited me to do a bit of backroom re-search work. One thing led to another and I ended up playing an editing role on this booklet. I am so grateful for that opportunity. Through this work I came to better under-stand why we practice yoga and what we’re doing when we practice. In turn my own practice has been greatly enriched.


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