Barefoot yoga teacher in PNG

Picture of Alan Goode
Alan Goode

As yoga communities around the world celebrated the 5th International Yoga Day in 2019, senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Alan Goode and his family joined me to take up a unique teaching opportunity in Papua New Guinea.

We had been invited by local yoga teacher Jackson Manuai Kiap to travel to Goroka, the capital of PNG’s Eastern Highlands Province, to teach a class for women inmates at Bihute – pronounced ‘be-yu-tay’ – Prison.

Originally designed as a male prison, Bihute has a population of around 220 inmates. That number includes up to 40 women as the province has no purpose-built female facilities. The Bihute women are housed in a single dormitory with a kitchen, ablutions block, and an outdoor enclosure where they have practised yoga with Jackson since July 2018. Many of the women are there as a result of polygamy-related issues, including jealously fights and murder

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