Frequently Asked Questions - Remote Student- Study Group

This program is designed for Iyengar yoga students practising together under the guidance of a certified teacher (introductory level or above). The program is not designed for beginners or those new to Iyengar Yoga. The aim of the program is to provide practice support for students to get together to establish and maintain a weekly practice group in situations where a teacher may not be available to provide regular, ongoing classes.

The program revolves around 4 units. Each unit is structured into 10 week terms. The terms are aligned with the Australian Capital Territory school terms. Upon completion of the four Units, the program can be repeated; repetition provides significant benefits.

Leaders are enrolled in one Unit each term. Leaders access the study material for each Unit via Yoga Vidya, an online education platform via the Yoga Mandir website. The material on Yoga Vidya includes audio recordings and written material. This material enables leaders to read and to practice to the recorded material before and throughout the term, and particularly in preparation for leading a weekly group practice.

Students who have studied Iyengar Yoga under a certified teacher are able to participate as the program is not designed for beginners. It is important to remember that the focus is on practice and the structures and routines of practice rather than learning the techniques of asanas. Learning asanas can only be done under the guidance of a certified teacher.

Those enrolled have access to an audio class recording with a focus on the Unit content for the term along with reading material for their own development.  Additional class recordings of Led practice sequences taken from the Yoga Sadhana booklet are included to prepare individuals to lead the group practice. It is advised that individuals practice to a recording prior to leading the practice group.

A pranayama practice recording is provided for your own practice development.

All up this means a minimum of 3 practices per week.