How do I create a new student account on the site?


This tutorial provides instructions on how to create a new account on the site.


You will need the following details in order to create an account.

  • A valid email address
  • Contact details such as first name, last name and contact phone number.


  1. On the Yoga Mandir home page, click on the "Login / Register" menu link.
  2. Click on "Create new account" tab.
  3. Enter your detail using the following as a guide.
    1. Username: This is the username that you use to log into the site. It should be something you can remember. Ideally just enter your first and second names
    2. E-mail address: This will need to be a valid email address as confirmation emails will be sent to this address.
    3. Phone: Your preferred contact number.
    4. Fill in the other fields as required.
  4. Click on the "Create new account" button. 
  5. To view your account at any time, click on "My account" from the main menu or go to and login with your username and password.