How will Online Study impact on relationships between trainee and trainer?

Yoga Mandir highly values the relationship between a senior teacher and a trainee; indeed it has been the way yoga has been handed down from guru to sisya for centuries, and it is how Alan Goode insists that his own teacher training program is run.

In support of the essential relationship between senior teacher and trainee, Yoga Mandir does not allow certified teachers to accrue the time spent with the Online Study – Certified Teacher program towards ongoing teacher development (as set out in the BKSIYAA certification handbook page 25).

Similarly the Online Study - Teacher Trainee material can only be accessed through a trainee’s Teacher Trainer (a Senior Teacher) who has negotiated access on their behalf with Yoga Mandir. Yoga Mandir does not communicate directly with another Teacher Trainer’s trainees.

Online study programs are not a replacement for teacher training or teacher development.

Upon acheiving Introductory level 2 certification teachers become recognised Iyengar Yoga teachers. As qualified teachers they are no longer required to be within a recognised training program. Some certified teachers may continue to work with a senior teacher in an established learning agreement or mentorship. Yoga Mandir’s programs for certified teachers do not require a commitment to a mentorship (even though some certified teachers establish such agreements with Alan). Individual agreements between a senior teacher and individuals as always remain the domain of those individuals. Certified teachers who enrol in Online Study are encouraged to advise any Senior Teacher with whom they participate in Professional Development.