I have regular treatment from a physiotherapist. Do I let my teacher know about my treatment.

Yes.  It is best to advise your teacher if you are having regular treatments for physical injuries or conditions.

Iyengar Yoga recognises that our body is our first 'prop' or instrument and that pain and discomfort in the body affects our capacity for concentration and meditation.  At Yoga Mandir teachers place great importance on the koshas or layers of experience and how the integration or fragmentation of these layers affects our capacity to heal and to act from a place of clarity.    Injuries and the process of working with them within a Yoga practice is both assessed and addressed from the point of view of these layer of experience, or koshas. 

It is important to remember that Yoga is primarily directed toward changing the function of the mind (citta) and it is because of the importance of the body in our yoga quest, that yoga teachers have considerable physiology and anatomy knowledge. 

Treatment with professionals with specialist knowledge and experience of injuries and illness is appropriate and encouraged.