What happens if I miss part of my course?

A student enrolled in a Practitioner yogasana course can carry credit for two missed classes in each 10 week term. This includes classes missed due to any Public Holidays that fall within a term. Credit must be used within the current term through attendance within the Open or Lunchtime classes.

There is no need to book in advance. The doors open 15 minutes before class. Let the teacher know of any medical conditions/injuries/pregnancy/menstruation. Let the teacher know you are making up a class and which Practitioner Course you normally attend. Pregnant students may only attend classes taught by certified teachers. 

There are no make-up classes for missed Led practice or Pranayama classes. In the case of pranayama, enrolment entitles a student to one audio class file. Students are encouraged to practise at home using this if they miss a pranayama class. Similarly, students who miss a Led practice session are encouraged to practise at home using the Led Practice handout that is available on enrolment.

In exceptional circumstances additional credit may be provided for any course. The calculation of credit will be based on the number of classes a student will miss from the date the Yoga Mandir office is notified and will be either:

  • a credit of 50% of the cost of missed classes, carried on the student's record for future use, or
  • in the case of missed Practioner Yogasana classes: an Open class card, valid for 3 months, for the number of classes the student will miss.