What makes Yoga Mandir’s Online Study program different?

There are a number of unique elements to Yoga Mandir’s Online Study programs:

  • Students are guided through a hand-picked selection yoga philosophy subjects using extensive audio visual and reading material specifically developed by Alan Goode (Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher) for study purposes.
  • The content includes Alan Goode’s own audio visual presentations and Reading and Research logs.
  • Students will develop an understanding of the Iyengar method and its relationship to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as taught by members of the Iyengar lineage.
  • Alan Goode has painstakingly catalogued the Iyengar family’s audio and videos footage of yoga teaching over many years. From this body of material Alan has selected samples of the Iyengar family teaching to highlight particular points of emphasis or focus for each subject.
  • Students are offered excellent access to the Iyengar family’s teaching in their own words wherever possible.
  • This approach does not detract from the significance of time with a senior teacher, time at Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, nor attendance at a convention with a member of the Iyengar family.
    • Yoga Mandir’s Online Study programs acknowledges that for many of us it is a rare event to have the opportunity to stay in Pune and experience the teachings of the Iyengar family in person;
    • Many of the Australian Iyengar yoga teachers and trainees live in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia where access to high quality and relevant material about Iyengar yoga is not readily available; and
    • It is essential to access Iyengar’s teachings to stimulate our practice and to assist with the articulation of practice questions and experiences.