What is Online Study?

As an Iyengar Yoga Institute Yoga Mandir has a responsibility to propogate the teachings and study of Iyengar Yoga. We fulfill this responsibility through training teachers (both local and remote area), ongoing Professional development of certified teachers, Trainer mentorships, and Online study programs. There are two distinct Online Study programs offered by Yoga Mandir.

The first Online Study program is a resource for Teacher Trainers, those Senior Iyengar Yoga Teachers who are currently in the process of training teachers to prepare for assessment with BKSIYAA at Introductory Levels 1 and 2. For these Teacher Trainers, who are interested in providing audio visual and written resources to their students (the trainee teachers) to supplement and deepen their face-to-face and on-the-mat learning, Yoga Mandir offers the Online Study - Trainee Teacher program. The Teacher Trainer negotiates with Yoga Mandir for his/her trainees to have access via the Teacher Trainer to the content of the Online Study program.

The second Online Study program is for certified Iyengar yoga teachers; teachers with Introductory Level 2 and higher certification. Such teachers may be interested in ongoing study to deepen their understanding of a range of philosophy subjects related to and relevant to Iygengar Yoga. For these teachers Yoga Mandir offers the Online Study – Certified Teacher program.

The focus of both programs is to assist trainees and teachers to deepen their understanding of what yoga means through the lense of each philosophical subject.  Yoga philosophy is challenging to understand. It is helpful to have guidance around the significant themes of Yoga and the Yoga Sutras.

BKS Iyengar has his own distinctive understanding and presentation of the Sutras based on decades of practice. Both Online Study programs highlight Iyengar’s teachings and lineage.