What is the point of an Online Study program?

Yoga Mandir has been using a “subject based” approach to studying Yoga philosophy since 2006 and delivering study material online since 2008. This has allowed us time to observe its effects and how best to use the online forum in conjunction with face-to-face education. These subjects create a lens through which to view and consider the significant themes of Yoga philosophy and Iyengar Yoga.

Yoga Mandir enables both internal and external students to access study material to stimulate and guide their practice. The material is for practice support. The selections from texts enable students to digest material at a relevant point in time rather than being overloaded with material without guidance to consider its content.

Reading extracts from books and articles has been part of education in many fields  over time including yoga and other practiced philosophies. New technologies allow selected extracts of video and audio footage to be seen and heard by students to further broaden their understanding of how to teach and practice yoga.