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Led Practice Leader Expression of Interest

If you are currently enrolled in an Established or Maturing practitioner program at Yoga Mandir and would like to be considered for allocation as a leader in the Institute’s early morning Led Practice program for Foundation and Developing students, please complete the form below.

Students in the Established or Maturing practitioner programs may choose to enrol in the Leaders program. Participation in the Leaders program provides students with a powerful opportunity to examine their intentions and motives for practice. Participation challenges a student to be of service to Yoga and in doing so to demonstrate a devotion to practice. Leaders are inducted into the program and depending on their level of experience are allocated on a term basis to lead a Practice program. Leaders allocated to Foundation and Developing practitioner programs are given practice sequences whilst leaders allocated within the Established/Maturing practitioner Led Practice program are given responsibility to develop their own sequences. Enrolment in the Leaders program entitles a student to book, at no cost, the practice studio, for self directed practice.

To assist your decision making please carefully read the attached Led Practice Leader Information Pack which consists of "Led Practice Leader Info-Pack Leaders Notes" and "Practice program structure & background".

Please note:

  1. Expressions of Interest are assessed by Alan Goode. Alan takes into account a range of factors including number of applications, school timetabling and applicant readiness.
  2. Students who are accepted as potential future Led Practice leaders will be required to attend Foundation or Developing Led Practice for at least one term prior to being considered for allocation to leading a Led Practice session.
  3. Allocation to a leader’s role at all times remains at the discretion of Alan Goode.  

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