Yoga Mandir exists as a community of practitioners. The school is both a place to foster community and is an expression of that community. Individuals contribute at all levels to maintain and benefit from all that Yoga Mandir does.

The school is unique and offers a diverse range of programs for students in the local area, in the region, in Australia and around the globe. Students come to Learn, Study and Practice yoga together with others and often form lifelong connections.

Internships operate at 4 levels:

1. Trainee Teacher Internship

Yoga Mandir’s trainee teachers may wish to undertake further experiential learning. Trainee Interns assist in classes and therapy, have access to the institute for personal and group practice, along with resources and have responsibilities to maintain the Institute through volunteer duties including weekly cleaning, social media and administrative support. Trainee interns can learn about the inner workings of how Yoga Mandir functions.

Application process: Application for a Trainee internship is via an email to the Training Coordinator at: training[at]

2A. Certified Teacher Internship

Certified teachers involved in our Teacher Development program can apply for an internship from as little as one week, up to a period of 2-3 months at a time without additional fees. Teachers may arrange to spend an extended period in Canberra after a Teacher Development weekend to assist in classes and practice with colleagues or make a prolonged visit to Canberra specifically to immerse themselves in the life of the institute.

Application process: Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers submit a request for internship along with details of your proposal to the Training Coordinator at: training[at]

2B. International Teacher Scholarships

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers from outside of Australia can apply for an International Teacher Scholarships (ITS) to participate in our Teacher Development via virtual attendance or in person.

An ITS is awarded each term (without cost) to a successful applicants to participate in a term (10 weeks) of Teacher Development and Online Study to support and evolve their practice and teaching skills. Participation can be via virtual or in-person attendance. The scholarship includes:
•   the Teacher Development program includes attendance at 2, 3-day weekends.
•   enrolment in 4-5 subjects of Online Study for a 10 week term.
•   scholarship recipients are allocated a mentor from the teaching staff at Yoga Mandir

Application process: Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers wishing to apply are requested to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) detailing your yoga history, copy of certificate along with an outline of your practice and teaching schedule to the Training Coordinator at: training[at]

Full details of the program will be provided upon application

3. Student Internship

Student internships are available for those individuals who wish to support Yoga Mandir. These Internships are for those living in Canberra who wish to take on a task to support the smooth running of the Institute.

Tasks may include administrative and social media tasks, recording class sequences, and other studio based tasks. Support to coordinate our Community program along with technology support is also of great value

Application process: Application to become a student intern is via an email expression of Interest (EOI) to the Training Coordinator at: training[at] stating your yoga background, and any skills you might bring to the school