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At Yoga Mandir, we believe yoga is about developing a practice based on strong foundations. Our highly trained teachers deliver detailed instruction with the clarity and compassion that can only come from those who practice. Experience has value.

To become an Iyengar yoga teacher requires that you have developed as a student of yoga for a minimum of 3 years and then undergo a rigorous training for a further three years before sitting an assessment by an independent panel of assessors at the national level. Beyond this, teachers sit higher levels of certification by working alongside senior teachers in a mentoring relationship. This lineage-based system of learning ensures that teachers are systematic, accountable, and authentic.

Yoga Mandir’s system of learning provides a pathway that guides students with different levels of experience in their individual development. The use of props and modifications helps students to work to their own capacity and deal with injuries or other limitations. We see yoga as a lifelong practice.

Due to the Government restrictions surrounding COVID-19 all studio classes have been put on hold.  We are currently offering online classes via ZOOM.  To purchase class passes and view our online timetable click here

class types we offer


Pranayama is the Yogic art of breathing.

More than just breathing exercises it’s a practice of making the mind and nervous system stable. We work progressively throughout the term using a range of lying and seated breathing exercises to develop our understanding and practice of the patterns.

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yoga therapy

Yoga therapy has its roots in the mind-body question. With a focus on alignment, energy and re-establishing balance. It’s a system of integration. Run by our senior Teacher Alan Goode with over 40 years of yoga practice, these classes are for those with significant injuries and health concerns. Attendance is in a block of 5 weeks and in most instances requires a one on one private assessment prior to participation.

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Children and Teen Yoga

Let your child experience the benefits of Yoga. Our Yoga classes for children and young adults are designed to be fun and energetic, with a focus on body awareness, concentration and relaxation. The sequences of yoga asanas will let them experience joy and freedom. Our yoga for young adults is grounded in the principles of ‘mobility and stability in body and mind’ as students come towards the end of their high school years along with all the changes and demands that are encountered during this period.

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Cultivating friendliness, compassion and joy through Iyengar Yoga.
The first two years of a newborn’s life is full of change and exploration and this period is often the busiest for new parents. Our Mother-Baby class lets mothers bring their babies with them while they practice together. These classes offer relief from the physical demands of motherhood and are a lovely way to be with other mothers and their babies.

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