New Students

Yoga Mandir offers a diverse range of programs and classes for students of all ages and abilities. For more program information, click on the program title or the "Read more" link to enter each program.

Bookings can be made by going to the appropriate program page and registering.


Introduction to Iyengar Yoga

Students who are new to yoga attend our Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Methodology . This entry level course can be attended either as a 10 Week course or an Intensive week of study. New students who have prior yoga experience may enter Foundation Practitioner courses but remember it may be ideal to start from basic principles.

Foundation practitioner

Learning to practice yoga requires a foundation in the techniques and principles of yoga. Our Foundation Practitioner program covers 4 terms of enrollment to develop an understanding of what to practice and how to practice Iyengar Yoga. Teachers guide students through the syllabus to consolidate their understanding.
New students enrol the Introduction to Iyengar Methodology prior to Foundation Practitioner enrolment unless they have prior yoga experience.

Private Assessments

Students with injuries or medical conditions can attend a one off private assessment with a teacher of the Institute. Private assessments are currently offered by Senior Teacher, Alan Goode, occasionally in conjunction with the student's usual teacher. Information provided by the student prior to attending is discussed and considered in the context of the student's Yoga practice experience. Asana and sequence modifications are considered and students will be guided to enroll in the most appropriate program.

Open Yogasana Classes

Everyone is welcome at an Open class; those new to yoga, students who want to experience Iyengar yoga, regular students within the school as well as interstate and international visitors. Open classes provide an alternative for students who travel regularly and they provide an opportunity for students to deepen and diversify their practice.

Early Morning Dynamic Classes

Yoga Mandir's Dynamic class & membership option is for those individuals who are looking for an active one hour class to develop greater strength and mobility. These are dynamic yoga classes and are not appropriate for students with significant injuries or medical conditions. The focus is on movement based asanas and uses the Surya Namaskara cycles (salute to the sun) to engage with many of the other groups of asanas.

Lunchtime Asana Classes

Yoga Mandir’s Lunchtime asana classes offer an opportunity to step away from your busy working day to bring the body, breath and mind into alignment. Long hours at a desk or juggling a busy schedule may leave us feeling overwhelmed and fragmented. Iyengar Yoga is a practice in which precision in alignment and coordination of the body develop calm observation, concentration and self-awareness.

Mother-Baby Yoga

Cultivating friendliness, compassion and joy through Iyengar Yoga.

The first two years of a new born’s life is full of change and exploration and this period is often the busiest for new parents. Our Mother-Baby class lets mothers bring their babies with them while they practice together. These classes offer relief from the physical demands of motherhood and are a lovely way to be with other mothers and their babies.