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Reconciliation Day Public Holiday

Monday 28 May is the Reconciliation Day Public Holiday

We would like to advise our students that all classes and intensives will run on that day.

6.30-8.00am Dynamic/Foundation Led Practice combined in Studio 2
6.30-9.00am Early Morning Intensive
9.30-11.00am Open Class
5.45-7.15pm Developing Coursework
5.45-7.15pm Foundation Coursework
7.30-9.00pm Foundation Coursework
7.30-9.00pm Introductory Coursework

Book Reviews by Fran Tolhurst

“... if there is one single thing that characterizes the literature on Yoga, it is repetition and redundancy in the guise of novelty and independent invention"

This submission by Fran Tolhurst reviews 3 books

  • Yoga in modern India
  • History of Modern Yoga
  • Origins of Modern Yoga practice

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