Samyama Lab

Samyama Lab is a collaboration between South Asia Research Institute (SARI), Australian National University and Yoga Mandir where we work together to explore the meaning of Yoga and its practice in the modern world.

Yoga Mandir will also work to expand the number of Remote Study groups and these participants may attend remote study group weekend workshops to enhance their skills. Those involved will be invited to contribute to and participate in the Samyama Lab event

Samyama means integration. Samyama, from Sanskrit, refers to philosophical inquiry within South Asian traditions of Yoga. Lab, from Latin, connotes the spirit of collaborative empirical experimentation.

'Samyama is a technical word defining the integration of concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana) and absorption (samadhi). In samyama the three are a single thread, evolving from uninterrupted attention to samadhi. [1]

In the coming months we will begin to rollout the details of whats in store in this collaboration 

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[1] Iyengar BKS, Light on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Thorsons 2002, p.182