Ongoing Students

Yoga Mandir offers a diverse range of programs and classes for students of all ages and abilities. For more program information, click on the program title or the "Read more" link to enter each program.

Bookings can be made by going to the appropriate program page and registering. After registering the program item will be added to your cart. The program booking links can be found towards the bottom of each program page.



Practitioner Programs

Yoga Mandir understands that yoga is learned through a practice and the Institute offers students a place to learn, study and practice yoga. Practitioner students enrol by the term and move progressively through the syllabus to gain a systematic exposure to the principles and practice of Iyengar Yoga. Students of similar levels of experience are drawn together working with one teacher throughout the term to develop a reflective practice.

Open Yogasana Classes

Everyone is welcome at an Open class; those new to yoga, students who want to experience Iyengar yoga, regular students within the school, as well as interstate and international visitors. Open classes provide an alternative for students who travel regularly and they provide an opportunity for students to deepen and diversify their practice.

Specialist Programs

Yoga Mandir's Specialist Program supports students who are experiencing specific conditions such as injury or a health issue.
Students learn to adapt their practice of Yoga so that participation within the Practitioner and Led practice programs becomes possible.
Click on the read more button to view details of the Specialist courses provided through the Institute:

Remote student-Study group

This program is designed for yoga students practising together under the guidance of an experienced teacher/ Leader.

The aim of the program is to provide practice support for students to get together to establish and maintain a weekly practice group in situations where a teacher may not be available to provide regular, ongoing classes.

Samyama Lab

Samyama Lab is a collaboration between South Asia Research Institute (SARI), Australian National University and Yoga Mandir where we work together to explore the meaning of Yoga and its practice in the modern world.