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When Emma first started Iyengar Yoga it was to ease some of the stiffness from the weeks spent hiding in Chemistry books, and weekends spent chasing the snow. Embarrassed by her inflexibility, and shy of the limelight, Emma could be found hiding in the back corner of the class. Fast forward a decade and Emma can now be found upfront sharing what she has learnt on her journey with Yoga.
Emma’s first glimpse of Yoga was as a child with her mum trying to learn asana from a library book on their family farm. It wasn’t until moving to Canberra many years later to undertake a Masters degree that she found Yoga Mandir. Under the guidance of the Institute she began to practice Yoga.
Like many people Emma was initially drawn to the Yoga room to nurture her body. The rigour, precision and technical nature of Iyengar Yoga addressed this need. While practicing Iyengar Yoga has strengthened and transformed her body, it is the greater impact that Yoga has had on her life that keeps her coming back to the yoga mat.
Emma is grateful for the grounding that her Yoga practice brings to each day. It helps her to navigate the ups and downs of life and cope with the many demands of being a working mum. Through work with asana, she encourages her students to also uncover the richness that Yoga can bring to their lives.
Emma is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with Iyengar Yoga Australia. She has been teaching at Yoga Mandir since 2013. She undertook teacher training with Alan Goode, attaining Introductory Level 1 in 2014, and Introductory Level 2 in 2015. Emma balances her commitments practicing and teaching Yoga with work in the public service, caring for her small family, and helping her partner run a building business.

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