Affiliated School program

The affiliated school program is based on the curriculum of Yoga Mandir. This curriculum approach to teaching Yoga is grounded on a number of factors

  • Integrated asana and philosophy syllabus so that students are systematically exposed to the principles and practice of Yoga.
  • Course enrolment. The curriculum is delivered through 10 week terms of study.
  • Levels (grades of Sadhaka)- Foundation, Developing, Established, through to Maturing levels.
  • Led practices. Providing leadership pathways for committed students along with practice being valued as part of the school commitment.
  • Open class program of classes running separate to the practitioner program.

An affiliated school is one with an established relationship with Yoga Mandir. An established relationship is created through having been trained directly by Alan Goode or having completed the 2 year school culture program.


A affiliation with Yoga Mandir is paid and renewed on a yearly basis and includes the following

  • Access to the Yoga Mandir syllabus plus copies of study material made available to your students
  • Led practice notes, sequences and orientation material available to your students
  • Copies of the Sadhana booklet available for sale through your school by consignment.
  • Subscription to the Digital Research Library (DRL)- Teacher edition including yearly updates.
  • Teacher mentoring. 10 hours of teacher mentoring meetings with Alan per year to provide administrative support and advice to the principal teacher. Further meeting times can be booked and paid through the teacher mentoring program on Yoga Mandir’s website.
  • Enrolment in Yoga Mandir’s online study programs is available to your students. These include Sadhaka program, Specialist programs (knee, Back, Shoulder), Remote student study group.
  • Notification of the affiliation is displayed on Yoga Mandir’s website. Holding a description and a link to your website.
  • Yoga Mandir provides a page of teacher resources on Yoga Vidya. These include video, audio and samples of class plans used by Yoga Mandir teachers to develop their understanding of the syllabus delivery.

For interstate schools

The principal teacher is invited to participate in Yoga Mandir’s syllabus development meetings by skype. These happen twice each term in weeks 3 and 7 and involve one teacher presenting their plan for the term with one of their Yogasana course groups.

For schools within the Canberra region 

  • Participation in Yoga Mandir’s syllabus development meetings for the principal teacher.
  • To support the development of your student body, your nominated students are entitled (with Alan’s agreement) to enrol in Yoga Mandir’s Led practices to support the development of your school culture.
  • Trainee allocation. Trainee teachers may be recommended to your school for teaching experience. This would be through consultation and by agreement.



The yearly fee of $7,700 including GST.

For further details please contact the school administration