Early Morning Dynamic Classes

Yoga Mandir's Dynamic class & membership option is for those individuals who are looking for an active one hour class to develop greater strength and mobility. These are dynamic yoga classes and are not appropriate for students with significant injuries or medical conditions. The focus is on movement based asanas and uses the Surya Namaskara cycles (salute to the sun) to engage with many of the other groups of asanas. Our focus on the use of sequence and repetition is invigorating and removes stiffness.

Pay at the door or purchase a Dynamic/Lunchtime 10-class card or membership online. 

When - Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6.30-7.30am.  

Where - Studio 2.

Membership or 10 Class Card - $180.   

Casual attendance - $20 per class, pay at the door.


Purchase of Class Cards:

A Dynamic/Lunchtime membership can be purchased at any time and is vaild for 4 weeks from the date of purchase.  Membership allows students to attend as many of our 60 minute classes as they wish within the membership period.   

A Dynamic/Lunchtime 10-class card can be used to attend both the Early Morning Dynamic and Lunchtime classes.  Class cards are valid for three months from the date of purchase.

Class Cards may be purchased on line by clicking here.

  • Dynamic/Lunchtime membership.  $180 unlimited classes.

  • Dynamic/Lunchtime 10-Class card.  $180 for 10 classes. 



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