Established practitioner

The Established practitioner program has four components which are all conducted through 10 week terms.

1. Yogasana coursework: Students arriving at this level have a capacity for Reflective practice as they engage with standing poses, backbends, twists, forward bends, arm balancing and inversions. A capacity for concentration and continuity of awareness is embedded in the process. We recommend 1 or 2 course enrolments per term as development is linked to practice based learning. Students who enrol in two courses per term can enrol in a Led practice without additional cost.

2. Pranayama coursework: After completing 3-4 terms in Foundation/Developing Pranayama speak with your Pranayama teacher about the appropriate level for your next Pranayama enrolment. Even if you are an Established Yogasana coursework student, if you have yet to enrol in your first Pranayama course, you begin in the Foundation/Developing Pranayama course for at least 3 terms. The Established pranayama coursework focuses on seated pranayamas along with the more complex digital cycles.

3. Led practice: For Established practitioners the class room, as the primary source of learning, is gradually expanded to include personal practice. Class room experiences function to support personal practice. The Led practice environment inspires and challenges students. Students who enrol in two practitioner yogasana courses per term (this does not include pranayama) can enrol in a Led practice without additional cost. Credit is given via a coupon which is applied to your total bill at final check out. Simultaneous enrolment in Established Practitioner Yogasana Coursework is required.

4. Leaders program: Students who enrol in the Established practitioner program and also the Led practice are, at no cost, eligible to enrol in the Leaders program. Participation in the Leaders program provides students with a powerful opportunity to examine their intentions and motives for practice. Participation challenges a student to be of service to Yoga and in doing so to demonstrate a devotion to practice. Leaders are inducted into the program and depending on their level of experience and availability are allocated on a term by term basis to lead a Practice program. Leaders allocated to Foundation and Developing practitioner programs are given practice sequences whilst leaders allocated to the Established/Maturing Led practice program are given responsibility to develop their own sequences. Enrolment in the Leaders program, with a regular allocation to lead practice, entitles a student to book, at no cost, the practice studio, for self directed practice. Expressions of Interest for Led practice leaders are received throughout the year. Read the information about Led practice leaders by clicking on the previous hyperlink. Either submit an Expression of Interest using the webform (log in first) or send an email to Alan Goode via outlining your current enrolments at Yoga Mandir, the year you started at Yoga Mandir and the reason for wanting to be a Led Practice Leader.


Students continue within the Established practitioner program until they are able watch the interplay of the vrttis (mental fluctuations) and klesas (attachment to pleasure, aversion to pain, ego, ignorance and clinging to life) within the practice of asana in the Established practitioner syllabus.