Foundation practitioner

The Foundation practitioner program has three components which are all conducted through 10 week terms.

1. Yogasana coursework: Students who attend regularly will take 4 terms to develop the capacity to observe the relational forces of body, breath and mind across the diversity of asana. The Yogasana syllabus includes open sided standing poses, preliminary backbends, seated twists and shoulder stand. We recommend 1 or 2 course enrolments per term as development is linked to practice based learning.

2. Pranayama coursework: These courses provide students with an opportunity to engage the breath as a cleansing and restorative force for the physical body. Practitioners at this level of experience often encounter pranayama as deeply quietening mentally and emotionally. To integrate the effects of the practice and to evolve a competency in the pranayamas of this syllabus 3-4 terms of attendance is recommended.

3. Led practice: Participation in this program will move a student's experience from a focus on instruction to a process of integration. Skills in observation and concentration are developed. In these sessions the asana names are called with the practice leader presenting the posture, but there is no instruction. Simultaneous enrolment in Yogasana Coursework is required. Students who enrol in two Yogasana courses per term can enrol in a Led practice at no additional cost. Credit is given via a coupon which is applied to your total bill at final check out.

Pre-requisites for enrolment in the Foundation practitioner level courses:

  • Yogasana coursework. Have completed our Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Methodology unless you have prior Yoga experience.
  • Pranayama coursework. Must have completed a minimum of two terms of Yogasana coursework within the Foundation practitioner program. 
  • Led practice. Same term enrolment in Yogasana coursework


How do I sign up:

Students new to Yoga Mandir will need to create a student account. Click on the Login/ register button on the menu at the top of the page and follow the prompts. See the FAQs for more details. After creating a student account, book a program from the list below. After booking, the program item will be added to your cart. Go to CART to complete your order and payment.