Introducing Sadhana

Introducing Sadhana aims to deliver the building blocks for a self directed practice and requires a commitment to a regular practice of between 15-30 minutes per day as well as the reading and study material provided. The program is targeted at anyone who would like to gain further understanding of the time required to complete the one year Sadhaka program or would like to explore how they may start a self directed practice of yoga. The Introducing Sadhana Program is a single term enrolment. 

The Introducing Sadhana Program is suggested for students who are considering submitting an Expression of Interest in a future offering of the one year Sadhaka Program. This program does not count as hours toward preliminary teacher training or ongoing teacher development (IYA). Any student who has an established relationship with a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher should consult with their teacher prior to applying for this program

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Program Content and Structure

The Introducing Sadhana Program is a single term enrolment.  The program is open for enrolment in any of Yoga Mandir's four terms.   During the program students will be required to:

  • Complete fortnightly modules focused on selected content from the Yoga Sutras
  • Develop a self-directed yoga practice following a structured practice guide and submit practice logs;

The content of the five parts are summarised below. 


Area of Focus

Parts 1-3 Obstacles to Practice

Parts 1, 2 and 3 focus on the Antarayas, the obstacles to practice.  As well as learning about the Antarayas students will reflect on the obstacles they face in developing and sustaining their own self directed practice.   

Parts 4 & 5 Understanding the Gunas

Part 4 and 5 focus on the Gunas, the three qualities of nature that manifest within all things.  Students will work through examples of how the Gunas are understood within a practice of asana.  


For each Part students are provided with a class audio file to which they can follow along at home.  The audio files are recordings of Yoga Mandir classes, each one holding a focus on the content that is being considered within the part.   The audio files are intended to support students in developing a self directed practice. They also provide avenues to consider and engage with the course content.  

Students are also given a structured practice guide.  The structured practice guide is intended to help students overcome obstacles in their practice by giving them a specific set of Asanas to work with each week. 

Current Cost per Term

The cost of $210 includes access to study materials and class audio recordings. 

Students are encouraged to continue their practitioner program enrolments at Yoga Mandir or other yoga classes available in their area while they complete the Introducing Sadhana Program

Enrolling in the Introducing Sadhana Program

The program opens for bookings in Week 8 of the Yoga Mandir term for enrolment in the following term.  Bookings are made via the Yoga Mandir Website.  Bookings should be completed by no later than Week 1 of term.  There is no need to submit an expression of interest or formal application for this program.  

Introducing Sadhana-Summer

Yoga Mandir has developed Introducing Sadhana-Summer which covers the content of the Introducing Sadhana program (usually completed in 10 weeks) to run over the summer period- of January. Introducing Sadhana-Summer is ideal for students preparing to commence the year long Sadhaka program. Introducing Sadhana-Summer commences Monday 31 December 2018


Program enrolments

To enrol in a program, press the associated "Book now" button. Your registration will be submitted during the checkout process.

Title: Introducing Sadhana, Summer
Commencement date: Monday, 31 December 2018 - 8:00am
Duration: 5 week
Price: $210.00
Title: Introducing Sadhana, Coursework
Commencement date: Monday, 14 October 2019 - 8:00am
Duration: 10 week
Price: $210.00
Teacher: Alan Goode