Maturing practitioner

Students must have Alan Goode's recommendation to enrol in this program.

The Maturing practitioner program has five components.

1. Yogasana coursework: Practice of asana is disciplined and methodical facilitating the development of buddhi. Subtle differentiation of experience demonstrates a capacity to adjust manomaya kosa. Class attendance becomes central to the practitioner's development because it provides the means to have one’s perception challenged. This is essential to mature in Yoga as a contemplative science. The class room experience raises questions for the practitioner that can be taken away and examined through personal practice.

The Institute offers one course at this level. The course is booked per term and includes two classes per week (Tuesday and Thursday 6.30am - 8.00am). The course is usually attended in two 4-week blocks (weeks 1-4 & weeks 7-10). 

Students enrolled in the course can enrol in the Established/Maturing Led practice at no extra cost.

2. Pranayama coursework: Emphasis is given to the application of props to refine the seated posture.

3. Led practice: Participation in Led practice for this level of practitioner is tapas. Led practice provides an environment of discipline that prevents a student falling under the influence of habit which is a manifestation of asmita. As students evolve their capacity to witness the klesas they are humbled in the face of the human condition. From this place compassion arises and Led practice becomes an act of service to Yoga - providing an environment of support within the Yoga practitioner community.

4. Leaders program: Students who enrol in the Maturing practitioner program and also the Led practice are at no cost able to enrol in the Leaders program. Participation in the Leaders program provides students with a powerful opportunity to examine their intentions and motives for practice. Participation challenges a student to be of service to Yoga and in doing so to demonstrate a devotion to practice. Leaders are inducted into the program and depending on their level of experience and availability are allocated on a term by term basis to lead a Practice program. Leaders allocated to Foundation and Developing practitioner programs are given practice sequences whilst leaders allocated to the Established/Maturing Led practice program are given responsibility to develop their own sequences. Enrolment in the Leaders program entitles a student to book, at no cost, the practice studio, for self directed practice. Expressions of Interest for Led practice leaders are received throughout the year. Read the information about Led practice Leaders by clicking on the previous hyperlink. Submit an Expression of Interest using the webform (log in first) and send an email to Alan Goode via outlining your current enrolments at Yoga Mandir, the year you started at Yoga Mandir and the reason for wanting to be a Led Practice Leader.

Pre-requisites and entitlement of enrolment in the Maturing practitioner level:

  • Yogasana coursework. Recommendation by Alan Goode is required to enrol within this program. Students may wish to contact the office to discuss this with Alan.
  • Pranayama coursework. Enrolment in Yogasana coursework within either Established or Maturing practitioner programs is required. A minimum of 4 terms in Foundation/Developing Pranayama is indicated before enrolling in Pranayama at this level.
  • Led Practice. Enrolment in Yogasana coursework within the current term is required. There is no cost for Led Practice if enrolled in the Maturing practitioner program, or two Developing or Established yogasana coursework programs in the same term. Credit is given via a coupon which is applied to your total bill at final check out.
  • Leaders program. Enrolment within the current term of Yogasana coursework is required to participate in this program. If you participate in this program, session times for self directed practice, during weeks 1 - 4 and 7 - 10 can be booked at no cost.

Program enrolments

To enrol in a program, press the associated "Book now" button. Your registration will be submitted during the checkout process.

Title: Maturing Yogasana - Tuesday 6:30 am and Thursday 6:30am
Commencement date: Monday, 15 October 2018 - 6:30am
Duration: 8 week
Price: $360.00
Teacher: Alan Goode
Title: Established/Maturing Pranayama - Wednesday 6:15pm
Commencement date: Wednesday, 17 October 2018 - 6:15pm
Duration: 10 week
Price: $150.00
Teacher: Alan Goode
Title: Established/Maturing Led Practice - Friday 6:30am
Commencement date: Friday, 19 October 2018 - 6:30am
Duration: 10 week
Price: $130.00
Teacher: Leaders