Mother-Baby Yoga

Cultivating friendliness, compassion and joy through Iyengar Yoga.

The first two years of a baby’s life is full of change and exploration and this period is often the busiest for new parents. Our Mother-Baby class lets mothers bring their babies with them while they practice together. These classes offer relief from the physical demands of motherhood and are a lovely way to be with other mothers and their babies.

What are the benefits of Mother-Baby Yoga?

  • balancing your needs and your baby’s needs
  • feel healthier, stronger and more connected
  • feel more calm and relaxed
  • stronger systemic health
  • your baby will receive stimulating socialization with you close by: as you learn yoga your baby will interact with other babies and mothers.

Where :

Yoga Mandir, upstairs 42 Mort Street, Braddon.  There is a flight of stairs and a stairwell at the bottom to park your pram.

When :

Wednesdays during school terms from 11:15am to 12:15pm.  Please come in and get settled at 11am.

Our Mother-Baby program does not continue during the January holiday period. 

Our final Mother-Baby class for 2019 will be on Wednesday 18 December.

Classes will resume again on Wednesday 29 January 2020.


This class caters for mothers and their babies from 0-2 years of age.

What level :   

The range of asana (yoga postures) and intensity will be adjusted to the stage you are at since giving birth and your needs as an individual. As an experienced teacher, Caroline is used to teaching a range of student levels in one class. She will teach you to use equipment, timings, breathing and modified postures intelligently. You should come out of the class feeling refreshed, relaxed or energized, but not sore or exhausted.

How do I sign up :

Go to . Create a user account by following the simple prompts. Login using your user name and password.  Then you may purchase a 10 class card.

Purchase of Class Cards:

An Open (60 min) or Concession (60 min) 10-class card can be used to attend any of the Lunchtime or Mother-Baby classes.  Class cards are valid for three months from the date of purchase.

Class Cards may be purchased on line by clicking here.

  • Open (60 min) 10-Class card.  $200 for 10 classes.
  • Concession (60 min) 10-Class card. $160 for 10 classes.

Please note:  The Concession class card is only available to full-time students or health care card holders.   Concession class cards may be purchased on line by clicking here and collected from your teacher on presentation of a valid student or health care card.

 Alternatively you may pay $20 cash at the door to attend any single Mother-Baby class offered during the term.

Any Queries? Contact the office

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