Online Study - Certified Teacher

Online Study - Certified Teacher

This program is aligned with Yoga Mandir's Professional Development program and is available to certified teachers of Introductory Level and upward. Teachers enrolled in Online Study-Certified Teacher are enrolled in 4-6 subjects per term and have access to a range of audio, video and written study material developed into online study units. This is helpful for teachers who may not be able to travel to Canberra for Professional Development in a given term.

Certified teachers from outside Australia can enrol in any term.

The Online Study Program contains a term based enrolment of 10 weeks per term. Yoga Mandir terms are based on ACT school terms. For further information about term dates click here.

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Philosophical basis

As part of Yoga Mandir’s commitment to swadhyaya we offer this program to deliver education on Yogic philosophy and examples of Iyengar methodology, through the lenses of a number of subjects. The subject material delivers students audio files, video recordings and written material to focus and direct their enquiries and practice.

The term swadhyaya means self study. Historically Swadhyaya contains 2 aspects:

  • Study of scripture and text
  • Study of onself through a practice.

Throughout his practice life BKS Iyengar has developed a practice that cultivates knowledge from experience. He also teaches us of the need for a balance between objective knowledge and subjective experience in order to verify our own experience.

In the article 'With Yogic Eyes' Iyengar writes:

Though I am rational, I am also a man of sentiment and tradition-bound. I trust the statements of others, follow their lines of explanation, and experiment with them to gain experience. If my experience tallies with their expressions, I accept their statements. Otherwise I discard them, live by my own experiments and experiences, and make my pupils feel the same as I felt in my experiments. If many agree, then I take it as a proven fact and impart it to others'

The sadhana or practice of BKS Iyengar has delivered us with a way to conduct a practice of yoga that has been tested over time. For us, as students in the Iyengar lineage, this objective knowledge can be used to guide our own enquiry and to clarify the subjective experience within our practice.


Further information

The program is available each term. Bookings will be available as of week 8 of the current term by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Teachers from outside of Australia can enrol by emailing the office ( with details of your association membership and a picture of your certificate so that your status can be confirmed before enrolment.

The pre-requisite for enrolment for Australian Teachers, as well as currently holding at least an Introductory Level Certificate, is that the teacher has an established relationship with Yoga Mandir, ie has participated in one or more of the following:

  • Professional Development terms at Yoga Mandir; or

  • Interstate Professional Development enrolments conducted by Alan Goode: or

  • a Workshop or Retreat with Alan Goode

This program does not count as credit hours to the 20 hours required each year by the BKSIYAA for certified teachers for Ongoing teacher education (BKSIYAA Teachers Certification handbook).

We note that costs for these programs are due to increase in 2019.


For further information about both of the Online Study programs see our FAQs

Program enrolments

To enrol in a program, press the associated "Book now" button. Your registration will be submitted during the checkout process.

Title: Online Study-Certified Teacher.
Commencement date: Monday, 3 February 2020 - 8:00am
Duration: 10 week
Price: $150.00
Teacher: Alan Goode