Private Assessments

Students can attend a one off private assessment with a teacher of the Institute.  Private assessments are offered by Alan Goode, Sally Mumford and Demeter Davis. A Private Assessment may be in conjuction with the student's usual teacher.  Information provided by the student prior to attending is discussed and considered in the context of the student's Yoga practice experience. Asana and sequence modifications are considered and guidance given.  Students will then be guided to enroll in the most appropriate program for their needs.

Private Assessments should not necessarily be considered as a therapeutic intervention for acute pain management, but rather an approach to support the practice of Yoga for current, but also future Yoga Mandir students.

Private Assessments with Alan Goode are conducted at the following times:

Wednesday (new student) 9.15am Alan Goode
Thursday (current student) 9:00am Alan Goode

Our final Private Assessment for 2019 will be on Wednesday 4 December
Assessments will resume again on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

Private Assessments times with Sally Mumford and Demeter Davis can be arranged through the office.

For all enquiries please email


If you are new to Yoga Mandir the cost is $130.  The session runs for 1 hour.

If you are a current student of Yoga Mandir the cost is $105.  The session runs for 30 minutes, followed by participation in the Remedial class from 9.30-11.00am.

To book a Private assessment, click on the booking button below and follow the on page instructions.  Once your order is placed, the office will contact you to schedule and confirm an appointment date and time.  

You will also be requested to complete a Private Assessment form, which you will need to email to the office prior to your appointment, together with any relevant medical documentation including x-rays, scans or reports.