Remote student-Study group

This program is designed for yoga students practising together under the guidance of an experienced teacher/ Leader. 

The aim of the program is to provide practice support for students to get together to establish and maintain a weekly practice group in situations where a teacher may not be available to provide regular, ongoing classes and for experienced practitioners wishing to come together with other individuals to practice together on a regular basis.

Students enrolled in the program are known as Led practice leaders (“leaders”).

The program revolves around 4 terms. Each term contains 10 weeks. The terms are aligned with the Australian Capital Territory school terms. Upon completion of the four Units, the program can be repeated; repetition provides significant benefits.

Leaders are enrolled in one Unit each term. Leaders access the study material for each Unit via Yoga Vidya, an online education platform via the Yoga Mandir website. 

The material on Yoga Vidya includes audio recordings and written material. This material enables leaders to read and to practice to the recorded material before and throughout the term, and particularly in preparation for the playing of each recording within the group attendance.


Each unit (10 week term) is structured around a weekly Group Practice session in which one Led practice leader takes the sequence. Within each unit selected recordings which are specifically relevant to the theme, as noted in the table below are provided for Leaders to work with.  The audio files are recordings of Alan Goode’s classes at Yoga Mandir in Canberra. The selected recordings are specifically relevant to the theme for each term, as noted in the table below.


Study focus


Unit 1

Action & Observation- Abhyasa & Vairagya

Term 1

Unit 2

Kriyayoga – Tapas, Svadhyaya & Isvara pranidhana

Term 2

Unit 3

Kosas – The Five Sheaths

Term 3

Unit 4

Astanga Yoga – The Eight Disciplines

Term 4


Each of the four units noted in the table above contains the following:

·         Lesson 1-Study material. contains Yogasana class recordings framed around the study focus for each term together with class notes, article and book extracts.

·         Lesson 2-Pranayama Practice resources contains some orientation videos along with Pranayama class recordings together with class notes, article and book extracts.

·         Lesson 3- Contains 9 Led practice Class recordings & includes pronunciation audio files along with stick figure drawings for each level in the Yoga Mandir syllabus levels (3 recordings each at Foundation, Developing and experienced levels).



  • All study material is available for the period of enrolment and cannot be saved off the site.  
  • An adequate internet connection is required as the class recordings are set to “stream”, rather than download. 
  • Yoga Mandir cannot be responsible for the quality of an individual’s internet connection.
  • Articles cannot be downloaded and saved to a computer or device but can be printed for future reference.
  • Enrolment in Remote student-Study group is not a replacement for working with a teacher.  No hours are credited towards training or assessment via this program.



The cost of enrolment is:

  • $100 per Led practice leader per term for up to seven leaders.
  • Where eight or more Leaders are enrolled, additional Leaders are charged $80 each.
  • To signal your interest email to confirm details and the enrolment process.

We note that these costs will increase during 2019.


Enrolment process

  • The Teacher/ Leader is required to contact Yoga Mandir to book their group by Week 10 of each term to enable the participants to access the Yoga Vidya material for two weeks before the term commences.
  • The Teacher/ Leader is to provide a list of enrolled participants via email, along with payment by credit card by calling the office and providing these details.
  • Payments are non-refundable.
  • Each individual must create an identity on the website and be enrolled before access to Yoga Vidya will become available.
  • Enrolled participants will log in to Yoga Vidya via the Yoga Mandir website.