Scholarship Program

Through generous donations from a range of individuals, Yoga Mandir is able to support students who demonstrate a commitment to practice and self study through our Scholarship Program.

Scholarships are awarded for Yoga Mandir students to attend intensives, workshops and retreats. Communication about the program occurs through the Institute's Newsletter "Sadhaka". Funds are derived from donations and moneys raised through the Social Events Program.


I would like to apply for a scholarship...

Thanks to the generosity of those attending the Social Events, the Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce there are funds to support students interested in Intensives, workshops or Practitioner Programs. 

We are currently seeking applications from eligible candidates.

Access the Scholarship application process document.



I would like to donate... 

Please email to make a pledge to donate to the Scholarship Program. Once a pledge has been made, you will receive details of the Scholarship Program's bank account where funds are kept until they are allocated and disbursed. 

The Scholarship Program delivers a structure for those who wish to make donations to the Institute to be confident that these funds are being used ethically and are directed towards meaningful projects.

Please contact the Institute's administration if you wish to discuss making a donation in greater detail or to make a regular contribution. Contributors remain anonymous and will not be published or circulated.


Record of Scholarships awarded to date

Coming soon ... you will be able to click the link to access the Record of scholarships to view the list of scholarships awarded. This document will be updated 6 monthly and a record of turnover to the scholarship account notified in the Newsletter annually. 



Notice: The Scholarship Program administers funds separate to Yoga Mandir's other finances. The Scholarship Program committee members include:

  • Deborah Garden
  • Sally Mumford
  • Caroline Plunket
  • Alan Goode - selector