Scoliosis and Yoga

Scoliosis was originally a Greek word meaning curved or bent. Today it is a word used to describe the most common type of spinal curvature. Scoliosis is simply a descriptive term, like headache, and not a precise diagnosis.

When a scoliosis develops the spine bends sideways and rotates along its vertical axis. These changes have cosmetic and physiological effects with long-term consequences which may result in significant health problems with severe curves.

These sessions will run over four consecutive Thursdays, are practically orientated and open to all.  

The sessions will identify principles and examine modifications to asanas to benefit individuals in their home practice or during attendance in Yogasana enrolment.  


Sessions will have the following focus: 

Week 1:  Principles and Standing asanas

Week 2:  Sitting and forward bending asanas

Week 3:  Twisting asanas

Week 4:  Backbending asanas and Inversions


Eligibility: The program is open to Yoga students with experience of Iyengar Yoga

Cost: $180

Dates: To be confirmed

Sessions: Thursday 4.00-5.30pm. The room will be open from 3.30pm each session for students to do their practice

Bookings: Dates for the next course will be posted on our website and notified through news updates


Private Assessment

Students new to the Institute will need a Private assessment with Alan prior to participation.  To book an assessment time, please contact the office 62627976 or email $90.

All students will be asked to fill out a Private Assessment form to relay details and treatment history prior to attending.  Those enrolled may be accompanied by a family member or support person.

Please book early as places are limited.