Reflective Practice: Kriyayoga: Term 3, 2022

Alan Goode
Alan Goode

Each term, over a 10-week period, we focus on two subjects from our study site -Yoga Vidya allowing students to support their class attendance with greater depth of practice. These online subjects hold a Learn/ Study/ Practise focus where participants can read articles, listen to lectures, view samples of teaching and practise to material in the subject area on a weekly basis.

During the term students can also book in to one or both of the Reflective Practice-Sessions (RP-S) noted below. These are classes conducted by Alan Goode and can be attended either in studio or online. The classes draw on the content covered in the Study Focus subject along with forum submissions made by participants.

Reflective Practice-Session: T-Ph03. Kriyayoga

  • T-Ph03. Kriyayoga Saturday 30 July. 6.00-8.00pm
  • T-Ph03. Kriyayoga Saturday 10 September. 6.00-8.00pm

Go to the timetable page to make your booking, the class name is Reflective Practice Session. Use your monthly unlimited, 10-class pass, or pay for a single class. 

The Reflective Practice-Sessions align with our Study Focus subjects for Term 3.  Want to know more? Enrol in our Study Focus subjects for Term 3 here Term Study Focus subjects are open to both local students and those who live beyond Canberra. Enrollment at any time. Access is for 10 weeks.

The Reflective Practice-Sessions hold both theory and practice and will benefit from a submission to the Course Forum located on the right-hand side of the subject page.  Submissions should be made by Thursday immediately prior to the attendance weekend, as these submissions will be used within the RP-S session.

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