Full archive of Alan Goode's writings available for public reading and download as pdf. This archive contains Alans published articles from the mid 1990's.

Exploring Iyengar yoga through technique, timings, sequence & repetition

BKS Iyengar writes

I have no right to brand my method of practice and teaching as “Iyengar Yoga”. It is my pupils that call it Iyengar Yoga to distinguish it from the teachings of others. Though I am rational, I am a man of sentiment and tradition bound. I trust the statements of others, follow their lines of explanation and experiment with them to gain experience.....

The knee

The knee is one of the most complex joints in the body. It is highly flexible and yet bears the weight of the body across its surfaces. This combination makes it susceptible to damage and strain making it one of the most common sites of sporting injuries and a potential site of yoga practice injuries ....



Any person who is not lethargic can practice yoga, be he young, old very old, sick or weak. One who is intent on practice will obtain yoga, not one who is idle. Yoga is not obtained by the reading Scriptures, nor by wearing the dress of a yogini, nor by talking about it. Practice alone is the course of success.