Reflective Practice-Teacher program

Alan Goode
Alan Goode

Our Reflective Practice-Teacher (RP-T) Program is for Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers who come together to consider issues relevant to practice and teaching. Meeting twice per 10 week term on Friday’s 11.45-1.30pm on Zoom to share concerns and insights into our roles, responsibilities and practice. These discussions are guided by senior teacher Alan Goode and aim to provide peer support to individuals through this ongoing group dialogue. Entry to the program is through discussion with Alan.

Further details can be found on the teacher development page at: and Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers wishing to join the program in term 3 should email training@

A reflective space opens the possibility to see clearly: beyond the influence of the Vrttis & Klesas

Perception of Objects

The program recognises that ‘the perception of objects changes dependent on the position of the viewer’

so that we understand that what we see in others often reflects our own preferences and biases and that the views of others may challenge our own views or broaden our understanding of how individual teachers evolve.

Yoga acknowledges that we experience things at a point in time. This ‘point in time’ may be a moment of stress, a moment of calm reflection, or when two events experienced closely together highlight a perspective or deliver an insight. Our perceptions of an event or an experience can vary greatly depending on the point in time. In effect, what we find significant at one moment in time may look very different at another moment in time. What stands out as the most significant aspect may, upon reflection, seem less so or completely irrelevant when viewed from another point in time. With experience, we come to see that our perception is fallible and changing.

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