Specialist-Neck & Shoulder Workshop. 19-21 April

Alan Goode
Alan Goode

The Neck & Shoulder Specialist Program has been developed to assist students with specific needs to experience greater confidence in their practice.  Through a curated blend of techniques and modifications, participants gain the tools necessary to seamlessly integrate into Yogasana courses, and cultivate a sustainable home practice.

Join Yoga Mandir’s Specialist-Neck & Shoulder Program to enhance your practice and confidence.  This program includes:

  • The Specialist- Neck & Shoulder Workshop: Learn to adjust your practice for optimal health by modifying asanas.
  • Online study resources:  Access a variety of study materials via Yoga Vidya, our online learning platform. Review the course, engage with audio visual material and complete the assignments prior to attending the weekend workshop.
  • The Neck & Shoulder health practice: Engage in exercises designed to mobilise, strengthen, and alleviate non-specific symptoms experienced by students.

Rooted in the ethical disciplines of Yama’s and Niyama, this program emphasises the foundations of ethical yoga practice.

Dates: 19-21 April 2024.

Cost: $320 (includes weekend workshop and lifetime enrolment on Yoga Vidya subject).

Session Times:

Friday 5:00–8:00pm

Saturday 10.00-1.00pm & 3:00–5:00pm

Sunday 7:30–10:30am & 1:00–3:00pm


Those unable to attend the weekend workshop but interested in accessing the Yoga Vidya content can enroll in the subject after the workshop concludes.  Find the Yoga Vidya subject at  https://study.yogamandir.com.au/specialist-subjects/


The program encompasses key elements such as:

  • Developing discernment through practice to differentiate experiences.
  • Understanding the correlation between thought and pain
  • Cultivating dispassion and clarity in observation.
  • Establishing feedback systems to help students gauge their limits.
  • Applying Iyengar methodology to address injuries.
  • Creating various practice modifications to suit individual capacities.

The program is tailored for Yoga students experience in Iyengar Yoga.


To join the program book and pay via the enrollments tab on our website.  Simply click on the button below or go to the timetable and select ‘Enrollments’ from the drop-down menu. https://www.yogamandir.com.au/enrollments/. Those enrolled will be added to the course on Yoga Vidya one week before the weekend workshop for access to reference material.  Enjoy lifetime membership to this course.


The image below is an excerpt from a discriptive video on the shoulder presented in the Specialist-Neck & Shoulder program