Student Posts

The Nature of Mind

by Fran Tolhurst

I seem to have spent a lot of time in my life trying to understand why people do what they do when often what they do is so de-structive to others and in-evitably to themselves. No one has ever won a war even though many people have consented to them. No one ever seems to win anything with violence and we mostly lose even more than we thought we had to lose.

Science & Yoga. How I stayed sane during my Phd

by Tanya Bradford

There is no way I could have survived my PhD without yoga. This seems like a grandiose statement but it is not something I say lightly. Signing up to do a PhD is a long-term commitment and ultimately a serious lifestyle decision. All PhDs are unique, disciplines vary and personal experiences differ. I can only speak of my own experience and the observations I made during my time and how yoga helped me survive the daily grind of doing my PhD in organic chemistry.


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