Yoga Vidya Study Focus. term 3, 2022

Alan Goode
Alan Goode

Each term 2 subjects are offered on Yoga Vidya for the term study focus. One Philosophy and one Pranayama subject are selected for those who wish to enrol for the 10-week period. Most subjects on Yoga Vidya are presented in the learn/ study/ practice mode where students can arrange their week to

  • Learn. Read and article or listen to a recorded talk by one of the Iyengar family and conventions to identify a key concept in Yoga.
  • Study. Read additional texts or talks to broaden one’s understanding.
  • Practice. Practise to a class recording where Alan Goode applies the principle.

Study focus subjects in Term 3, 2022 commencing 18 July are

  • T-Ph03. Kriyayoga.
  • P-01. Introducing Pranayama

Study focus subjects are linked to the Reflective Practice-Sessions (RP-S) which are conducted in weeks 2 and 8 of each term. These RP-S are designed to bring participants together to exchange and further deepen their experiential knowledge.  

Details and booking:

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