In yoga studying is not seen as merely improving our knowledge about the subject. It involves delving deeply into an area through practice research where we come to know things about the world and about our self.

The term Swadhyaya (self-study) is used historically to describe the method of study in Yoga. Swadhyaya is made up of 2 aspects
· Study of text
· Study of oneself
It’s a question about the way we come to understand the world and our place in it. Merely reading about something feeds the intellect but may give a false sense of knowing. To reconcile what we read or hear with our inner world is done through practice.

Yoga Mandir has an online study platform for students who wish to delve more deeply into yoga through practice-based study. Our subjects are formed into categories under which individual subjects can be found. Each individual subject is a standalone area of study containing orientation material, articles, audio and video examples taken from conventions and audio practice recordings to consolidate experiential learning. Quiz questions consolidate learning and successful completion of a subjects accrues credit points towards our certificates of attainment.

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