Teacher training 2

Learning to be a teacher of yoga starts with a practice.

Training to become a teacher is conducted over time. It takes dedication and perseverance. Developing a depth of understanding and learning to communicate from direct experience is a lifelong journey.

At Yoga Mandir our program to train teachers is grounded in a commitment to practice and is an expression of, and contribution to community. Working alongside colleagues, under the mentorship of experienced teachers, day by day and week by week.

Trainees based in Canberra assist teachers in weekly classes whilst those who live remotely access material online to support their own practice inquiry. The group as a whole meet four times per year to work together over a 7-day period developing skills, identifying strengths and weaknesses and supporting one another to evolve as individuals and as teachers.

Teacher development dates for 2020-2021 are:

Term Weekend dates 2020 Teacher Development
Term 4, 2020 12 Oct-20 Dec • 23-25 October. 3-day weekend commencing Friday • 4-6 December. 3-day weekend commencing Friday
Term 1, 2021​ 2 Feb-14 April • 12-14 February. 3-day weekend commencing Friday • 26-28 March. 3-day weekend commencing Friday
Term 2, 2021 19 April-27 June Dates TBC​
Term 3, 2021 12 July-19 Sept Dates TBC​
Term 4, 2021 5 Oct-19 Dec Dates TBC

Cost and enrolment

Cost per weekend is $230 and enrolment is made for each 3-day weekend separately. Enrolment is made via an email to the Training Coordinator at: training[at]yogamandir.com.au who will provide enrolment details.


Intake of trainee teachers into the Teacher Development Program is on an individual basis and can happen at any point in time. Application is via an email expression of Interest (EOI) to the Training Coordinator at:  training[at]yogamandir.com.au stating your yoga history and experience.

Alan will want to meet with you directly to discuss your participation.


Iyengar Yoga Teachers and Trainees who participate in our Teacher Development Program may apply to participate in the Teacher Mentor program. Mentoring focuses on human behaviour and considers how individuals learn and evolve. Mentors look beyond the techniques of presenting asanas and of teaching classes to consider the issues around how people learn.

Once trained, teachers need ongoing refinement of skills to effectively communicate with students. Our teacher development program brings teachers from around the country to work together to evolve as teachers. Teachers attend, assist, and teach sessions in a collaborative model of exchange.

Mentor meetings will be scheduled monthly via a zoom group meeting with Alan where case studies are presented by individual for discussion by the group. Mentors can be Canberra based or distance. Once enrolled individuals will be organised in smaller discussion groups.

Cost: $35 per session

When: Fridays at 11.30-1.30pm monthly. These sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend in the time zone.

Prerequisites: Ongoing enrolment in Teacher Development Program

Application is via an email to the Training Coordinator at: training[at]yogamandir.com.a


Trainees and Teachers involved in our Teacher Development program can enrol and access online study material for the 10- week term on our Online Study-Trainee teacher and Online Study-Certified teacher programs.

This material supports practice and understanding of the broader principles that underpin teaching.

Cost: cost per term is $150

Enrolment is via an email to the Training Coordinator at: training[at]yogamandir.com.au


Supervision involves guidance and feedback from Alan regarding specific issues of practice, teaching or student development. Supervision may be undertaken by any teacher in the Teacher Mentoring program.

Supervision involves a One-on-One booked session of 1 hour with Alan where a teacher submits material in the form of recordings, questions or reflections one week prior to the session.

Examples of supervision
1. a case study of a student presentation or issue
2. a review of a recording of teaching or practice concerns
3. reflections on a specific area of philosophy

Cost. payment for individual session ($100 per session)

Enrolment is via an email to the Training Coordinator at: training[at]yogamandir.com.au


Yoga Mandir offers internships for student/ teachers to participate in the life of the Institute and to gain valuable experience in the running of a school.
Internships operate at three levels:

1. Trainee Internship

For registered teachers in training who wish to undertake further experiential learning. Interns assist in classes and have responsibilities for maintaining the Institute through volunteer duties.

2. TEACHER Internship

Certified teachers who reside outside the Canberra can enrol in an internship from as little as 1 week up to a period of 2-3 months at a time.

3. STUDENT Internship

For experienced students to assist in the life of the Institute to further their development.

Application process

Application for an internship is via an email expression of Interest (EOI) to the Training Coordinator at: training[at]yogamandir.com.au stating your yoga background, which level of internship and reason for applying