Teacher training

Learning to be a teacher of yoga starts with a practice.

Training to become a teacher is conducted over time. It takes dedication and perseverance. Developing a depth of understanding and learning to communicate from direct experience is a lifelong journey.

At Yoga Mandir our program to train teachers is grounded in a commitment to practice and is an expression of, and contribution to community. Working alongside colleagues, under the mentorship of experienced teachers, day by day and week by week.

Trainees based in Canberra assist teachers in weekly classes whilst those who live remotely access material online to support their own practice inquiry. The group as a whole meet 4 times per year to work together over a 7-day period developing skills, identifying strengths and weaknesses and supporting one another to evolve as individuals and as teachers.

Teacher training dates for 2020 are:

Term Term dates 2020 Teacher Training attendance dates 2020
Term 1 3 February-12 April Monday 2 March-Sunday 8 March
Term 2 27 April- 5 July Cancelled due to COVID-19
Term 3 20 July- 27 Sept Friday 21 - Sunday 23 August
Term 4 12 October- 20 Dec TBC

Cost and application process

Cost per term is $790.

Application is via an expression of Interest (EOI) by 1 November for a February intake.

Midyear enrolments are not accepted.

Prospective Applicant Intensives are offered each term, contact office for details.

Certified Teacher Development

Teacher development is open for enrolment by certified Iyengar teachers who wish to evolve their skills and understanding in both practice and teaching

Once trained, teachers need ongoing refinement of skills to effectively communicate with students. Our teacher development program brings teachers from around the country to work together in the life of the school to evolve as teachers. Teachers attend, assist, and teach sessions in a collaborative model of exchange.

All those enrolled receive access to online subjects for study and practice purposes throughout the 10-week enrollment period. This material supports practice and understanding of the broader principles that underpin teaching.

Certified Teacher attendance Dates for 2020 are:

Term Term dates 2020 Certified Teacher attendance dates 2020.
As of term 2 Certified teacher dates will coincide with Teacher Training dates
Term 1 3 February-12 April Friday 6 March-Thursday 12 March
Term 2 27 April- 5 July Monday 1 June-Sunday 7 June (moved to week 6 due to assessments)
Term 3 20 July- 27 Sept Monday 17 August-Sunday 23 August
Term 4 12 October- 20 Dec Monday 9 November-Sunday 15 November

Cost and application process

Teachers enroll in either
· 4-day midweek attendance. Monday-Thursday. Cost: $390

· 3-day weekend attendance. Friday-Sunday. Cost: $330

· 7-day attendance. Friday-Thursday. Cost: $660