Teaching Yoga

The Teacher programs of the Institute cover all aspects of a teacher's development from training through to professional support and supervision. The Remote study programs recognise the unique geographical challenges Australia presents to a teacher or trainer wishing to study and evolve their own practice. The programs are designed and conducted in accordance with Yoga epistemology and require commitment to reflective practice which Geeta Iyengar describes in The Involvement of Consciousness In Yogasanas

The programs are formed around the Practitioner programs of Yoga Mandir such that teachers experience a teaching environment which addresses Yoga as a heuristic subject; that is a school that focuses student development around practice based learning. Prashant Iyengar in Alpha and Omega of Trikonasana notes;

“Yoga being a heuristic subject, one needs to learn from oneself and one has to teach oneself.  One needs to teach the pose to the body, mind and breath, by the body, mind and breath.”

There are three Teacher Programs along with programs for teachers working alongside colleagues and those in more isolated situations gaining access to online resources and study material.



Preliminary Teacher Training-Mentorship

This Preliminary Teacher Training-Mentorship Program is open for enrolment by practitioners of Iyengar Yoga with a minimum of 3 years experience. This program prepares students for referral to Iyengar Yoga Australia for Introductory Level Assessment. The program is conducted over 12 terms. A term is 10 weeks long and has a 7 day attendance period where trainees attend course work sessions at Yoga Mandir in Canberra. Attendance periods provide trainees with opportunities for Yogasana and Pranayama class and personal practice sessions and include allocations for assisting or observation of classes.

Ongoing development for qualified teachers

These programs are open for enrolment by Introductory level to Intermediate Junior level III qualified Iyengar teachers. There are two streams of professional development.

Teachers enrol in a term which is 10 weeks. In the term teachers select to attend the Institute for either 3, 4 or 7 days in that term. Subject material including digital resources is provided throughout the term. Each attendance period covers specific subject material and provides different learning environments including class attendance; practice teaching under assessment conditions; assisting and observing classes and workshop sessions and lecture presentations.

Teacher Mentoring & Supervision

This program is for Certified Introductory Level teachers and above who hold responsibility for the running of a school, training teachers, managing student issues and/or other teacher related responsibilities. Mentoring & Supervision is available to teachers who have an established relationship with Senior Teacher Alan Goode.

Online Study - Certified Teacher

This Online Study program is aligned with (but does not count as hours toward) Yoga Mandir's Professional Development program. It is only available to Certified Teachers of at least Introductory Level. It consists of a 10 week term based enrolment and runs during Yoga Mandir’s 4 terms each year. Students enrolled in the Online Study - Certified Teacher program study 4 subjects per term. For each subject students have access to a range of audio, video and reading material. There is no official assessment; the course is solely for students (who are Certified Teachers) who wish to deepen their engagement with Iyengar yoga through a guided study of texts and audio visual resources.

Online Study - Trainee Teacher

This program is for teacher trainers who wish to provide a range of additional study material to their trainee teachers. Teacher trainers may choose to do this to supplement the hands on skills of an apprenticeship or face-to-face style of Iyengar yoga teacher training. Access to this program is by negotiation with the Institute by the teacher trainer (usually a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher).

School culture program

This program is designed to support a group of teachers within a school to develop a school culture that can both reflect and value teacher autonomy, which is essential for authenticity, and also value the development of a cohesive voice on the subject of Yoga, across the teaching body.

Affiliated School program

The affiliated school program is for those schools who have evolved their syllabus sufficiently to deliver an integrated curriculum approach to teaching Asana and Philosophy to the student body. An affiliated school has access to Yoga Mandir’s teacher and student resources and study material to support the development of the school culture.
The affiliated school program is available for schools having been trained directly by Alan Goode or having completed the 2 year school culture program.