Terms and Conditions


Full payment must be received at time of booking. If you do not want to provide credit card details online, bookings and payment may be made by telephone on (02) 62627976.

Refunds and deferment

Before the start of term, course bookings will be refunded if required. Once term has commenced there are no refunds other than where Courses are cancelled.

Cancellation of Courses

While every effort is made to ensure the viability of advertised Courses and Programs, Yoga Mandir administration reserves the right to cancel Courses and Programs at any time with full refund to those enrolled.

Credit for missed classes

A student enrolled in a Practitioner yogasana course can carry credit for two missed classes in each 10 week term. This includes classes missed due to any Public Holidays that fall within a term. Credit must be used within the current term through attendance within the OpenLunchtime and Dynamic classes.

In exceptional circumstances additional credit may be provided. The calculation of credit will be based on the number of classes a student will miss from the date of notification and will be either:

  • a credit of 50% of the cost of missed classes, carried on the student's record for future use, or
  • provision of an Open class card, valid for 3 months, for the number of classes the student will miss.

Led Practice Discount

A Led Practice Discount applies when a student enrols in at least two Practitioner Yogasana courses in the one term. The Practitioner Yogasana courses include 10 week Practitioner Yogasana Courses and the Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Methodology Intensive. The discount does not apply to other courses, programs or intensives.

Partial term enrolments

The Institute conducts 10 week terms. Partial term enrolments will not be considered.

Transfer between courses

Within the first week of term a transfer between courses of the same level may be possible at the discretion of the course teachers.

Makeup classes

Course costs are charged per term, not per week. If as a result of a public holiday a program involves 9 classes instead of 10, the standard term cost applies. 

There are two make-up classes per term for students in Yogasana classes. This includes cover for classes missed due to any public holiday that falls within the term.  Students make-up missed classes by attending an Open class during the term. Classes cannot be made-up once the 10 week term is finished. There are no make-ups for missed Led practice or Pranayama classes.

Personal Belongings

Student's personal belongings and valuables remain their responsibility at all times. Yoga Mandir does not provide secure lockers for student belongings.

Ethical guidelines

Yoga Mandir adheres to the ethical guidelines of Iyengar Yoga Australia. These documents can be viewed at https://www.yogamandir.com.au/ethics-non-discrimination-and-complaints