View a range of youtube videos on Iyengar Yoga and related subjects including interviews and historical footage. 

Why things hurt- TedX talk

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This TedX talk Lorimer Moseley outlines the pain pathway in the body and makes a compelling case for why pain is an unreliable guide to working with the body. He goes on to describe how mind interprets and mediates the sensations we experience. Things are not always how they first appear.

Experience versus memory

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This TED talk examines the link between experience versus memory and is an example of how modern thought and Yogic practice is converging. In the yoga sutra patanjali identifies the 5 vrttis ( the movements or modifications in the consciousness- citta). Of these, pramana ( direct perception) and smrtti (memory) relate closely to the concepts in this talk

Geeta S. Iyengar on Yoga Kurunta

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In Iyengar yoga, working with ropes is refer to as Yoga Kurunta (a Kurunta is a puppet in South Indian theater). Recorded in Pune in 2009. Geetaji is able to skillfully link the advantages of using the props (the ropes in this case) for the physical benefit of our practice with the deeper philosophical meaning of using the yogic practice to progress on the path of freedom from bondage.

B.K.S Iyengar 1969 documentary

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Yoga training, 1968 Bombay, from Louis Malle's documentary Bomaby 1969.This is a fascinating video of B.K.S. Iyengar teaching yoga in 1968, in Bombay. Look at the mix of younger and older students (there's at least one child, and at least one rather old man). Look at how they're doing Sirsasana (headstand) in the middle of the room.