Yoga Studies. Saturdays

Alan Goode
Alan Goode

Have you ever wondered what goes into sequencing; why some asanas come before others or why teachers provide alternative sequences to individual students? Have you ever seen a teacher make those hierographic notes at the end of a class? It’s a sort of language in itself.

Our Yoga Studies program runs monthly on Saturday afternoons where students can come together to develop skills and explore the principles behind what we do. It’s a chance to meet with other like-minded people

These 3-hour sessions are comprised of

  • A presentation by Alan where we identify a principle in practice.
  • An asana practice taken by a trainee teacher or group leader.
  • Work in small groups to discuss and apply these principles.

Saturdays 1.30-4.30pm. Attendance can be either studio and virtual

Cost: Usual class payment. Bookings are made on the timetable page with a class card, monthly membership or individual class purchase

Timetable. Yoga Studies will run in Week 1, 5 & 9 of each term. Our Term 2 dates are listed below.

  • Week 1: Saturday 30 April
  • Week 5: Saturday 28 May
  • Week 9: Saturday 25 June

Key to the Yoga studies program is the Yoga Sadhana booklet and all participants are encouraged to purchase a copy either as a downloadable pdf or a hardcopy from the school.

Yoga Studies will continue to be scheduled throughout the year on a monthly basis

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