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Most learning is an act of cognition –  that is, an act of understanding something initially through explanation; an act of comprehension; an act of mind. Access to and proficiency in the task are then developed through application of the principles described to achieve fluency. The important thing to note in this sequence of learning is the starting point of explanation, a process of mind. Learning is undertaken through the process of understanding what the teacher has said. It therefore involves rationalisations and the vocabulary of language. It is also limited by these same factors. Communication becomes possible by rendering the activity into something that can be recognised by the student. By the same process it implies that if something is not explainable it is not understandable. If something is not rational it is not cognisable. In this article I would like to explore a different method of absorbing knowledge – Imprinting.

Imprinting is the act of placing a set of images in the storehouse of our impressions. It is to develop a background on which we draw each time we practice. It does not necessarily require comprehension in order to proceed and often times it defies comprehension initially until it is fully integrated.

For us to discuss Imprinting we must examine memory.

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