Covid-19 Update

Covid Safe Plan – July 2020

Following the guidelines provided by the ACT government (updated June 19), Yoga Mandir has developed a Covid Safe Plan for the safety of students, volunteers and staff.These guidelines continue the hygiene practices that have been in place at Yoga Mandir since April 2020, and extend procedures to student attendance as we commence face-to-face teaching for some of our classes.This document acknowledges the potential risks posed by inviting face to face class attendance. We therefore ask that all staff and students become familiar with the detail of our guidelines, as we all hold an important role in ensuring the ongoing safety of all who attend.
  1. Ensuring physical distancing
Government restrictions currently require that:
  • Yoga Mandir holds no more than a total of 100 patrons in the building premises at any time, inclusive of all areas.
  • All persons within the building maintain social distancing of 1.5 meters in all areas at all times. This includes the stairwell, landing, bathrooms, reception area, as well as the studio & consult room.
  • Within active areas such as the studio space and consult room, there can be no more than one person per 4 square metres at any time.
To comply with these spacing requirements, Yoga Mandir has implemented the following restrictions on attendance at classes, and use of the space.  Signage within the building will reinforce the following guidelines for each area. Student Guidelines for Attendance ArrivingThe downstairs door to the building will be unlocked 20 minutes prior to the class. You will be able to enter the reception and studio areas 15 minutes before the class start time.For security, the downstairs and upstairs doors will be locked at the commencement time of the class. We are unable to accommodate you if you are late. Please try to be ready on your mat 5 minutes before the class starts.On arrival, please follow the spacing guideline of 1.5m as you enter the building, come up the stairs, and prepare for class.  If there is a bottle-neck at any stage in the time prior to class please wait, as individuals move through to the studio and the congestion clears.Personal belongings and entering the StudioStudents can leave all their personal belongings in the cubicles provided in the double-sided shelving provided, perpendicular to the entrance of the studio.  Secure lockers will not be available for use at this point in time.Please enter the studio through the left (south side) door and place your items in a cubicle on your way in.  When you leave the studio for use of bathroom during the class, &/or when you leave the studio at the end of the class, please exit through the right (north side) door and take your items from your cubicle space as you leave.Use of the bathrooms is restricted to two persons only at any time. Showers are not available for use until further notice. Please do not use the bathroom area to change. We recommend that you arrive in your practice clothing and layer extra covering on top to minimise the need to inhabit the space more than required.Within the StudioThe number of students allowed in the studio will be limited to meet government requirements of 4 m2/person.  At present, Yoga Mandir will accommodate a maximum of 10 students per studio class with the addition of a teacher and an assistant, or a led practice leader and buddy.Mats have been placed according to the spacing requirements and should not be moved. Students will place their own mat on top of one of these studio mats and need to will supply all of their own equipment.  The use of communal studio equipment such as mats, blocks, blankets, belts bolsters and cushions will be suspended until further notice.  Students need to leave the premises promptly after class finishes- talking, socialising etc should not take place within the premises. The teacher can then follow hygiene guidelines after the class.What to bringPlease bring a mat, two blocks and two blankets as well as a belt. Although you can participate in class without these items, we cannot lend you any equipment and much of our practice depends on using props.Record KeepingIn order to meet the government record keeping requirements, all students attending studio classes will need to book their place through Mindbody online.  Casual walk in attendance will not be allowed.  Teachers are required to mark off their attendance lists at the time of the class to ensure that records are correct. 
  1. Cleaning sanitising and hygiene activities
Student responsibilitiesIf you are at all unwell, do not attend class and do not return to classes until you are fully recovered. If you begin to feel unwell during a class, please notify your teacher and go home.  If you or anyone in your household has come into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19, please refrain from attending classes for 14 days.Any individual entering the premises must clean their hands before coming up the stairs and again upon entering the studio doors to the teaching space. Hand sanitiser is provided for this purpose at both the bottom of the stairs and at the entrance to the studio.At the conclusion of the class, you will need to sanitise your equipment and spray down the studio mat that your own mat has been placed on.
Staff/Leader responsibilitiesAny individual entering the premises must clean their hands before coming up the stairs and again upon entering the studio doors to the teaching space. Hand sanitiser is provided for this purpose at both the bottom of the stairs and at the entrance to the studio.Following the class staff/leaders are responsible for to wiping down all surfaces that have been used by any individual present for the duration of the class and the time prior to and following the class.Staff/leaders will ensure that after all other persons have left the building, they will disinfect:
  • All door handles, light switches, heater switches and surfaces that students or staff have come into contact with.
  • All equipment used for virtual classes including the iPad and cords, the microphone, the stage area and office equipment including computers, mouse, desk surfaces and draws/printers as they are used.
  • Bathroom doors, latches and flushing mechanism as well as taps must be disinfected using disposable wipes as well as the cubicles used by students to store their belongings
  • Landing and stairway rails as well as entrance doors and latches must also be wiped
  1. Managing staff or students presenting with illness
If you are at all unwell do not attend class and do not return to classes until you are fully recovered.  If you begin to feel unwell during a class, please notify your teacher and go home.  If you or anyone in your household has come into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19, please refrain from attending classes for 14 days.This applies to Led Practice Leaders and Buddies who will need to organise to be replaced.If a teacher is unwell, they will not attend their allocation and a substitute teacher will step in. This too can happen at the last minute and it may not always be possible for students to be notified. We appreciate your understanding in the event that this takes place. 
  1. Adjusting students – Teacher guidelines
Due to Government restrictions regarding physical distancing, teachers will not be able to give hands on adjustments or support until further notice.  A stick may be used to point to an area on the student’s body or teachers may give a visual by adjusting their own body.  20/07/2020STUDIO CLASSES DELAYED Due to the relocation of our studio, the resumption of face to face classes has been delayed by a couple of weeks.  We are currently preparing our Covid Safe Plan and look forward to resuming face to face classes soon.   More information shortly. 16/06/2020 OPEN LETTER TO STUDENTS I am pleased to announce that we have secured a new location for our studio in Oatley Court, Belconnen and we will move in by the end of June.  It is a lovely light filled first floor space consisting of one teaching room with easy access and lots of free parking.  Due to the current economic situation we only have a short-term lease, but this move will provide us a stepping stone to a point at which we can either make a long-term commitment in this location or find another space.We have been overwhelmed with requests for second hand props and I must say it’s great to see your enthusiasm. Without wanting to dampen your interest, it is clear that we will not be able to meet all of your requests, as priority is being given to teachers of the school and Led practice leaders in acknowledgement of their ongoing support and commitment. An email will be sent in the coming days to all students who have made a request, with availability, cost and collection times.  Our online classes will continue throughout this period and will be streaming from our new location as of 1 July.From Monday 20 July, we plan to recommence in-person classes at the studio. From this date forwards we will have a mix of students attending both online and in-person in most of our sessions. Covid-19 has forced us to consider ongoing access to streaming of classes and even local students have been commenting on the benefits of at-home attendance. As part of the move we are upgrading our streaming setup and this will become integrated into our future plans, so that locals, interstate and international students can continue to access our classes.Throughout July we will also recommence our broader program of classes with dedicated beginners’ courses, Yoga Therapy, One-on-One (60 minute) and One-on-One (30 minute) sessions all re-opening.  We recognise that doing yoga online is not a replacement for face to face classes with a teacher and in Term 3, we will also begin to offer tutor group classes for those in Canberra. These hour-long sessions will give students the opportunity to work face to face with a teacher in a small group.  Students will receive guidance and adjustments to their practice to support their at-home attendance.Once in-person classes resume we will have to adopt new ways of working due to government hygiene requirements when using equipment. Students will be required to supply their own soft equipment and the school will have a basic Yoga kit available for purchase. We recommend for access to a complete range of props and their service and quality is excellent.Our training programs will recommence also in Term 3, with details yet to be finalised.2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, but the school is still standing thanks to your support. You have been fantastic! I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm, encouragement, offers of help and tenacity which have shown me how much you have taken Yoga into your lives. We have survived and adapted in ways that I could not have imagined, and this has confirmed to me that we can meet whatever challenges are to come.Thank you all for your ongoing supportBest wishesAlan  30/3/20Open letter to studentsYoga schools around the world are under enormous pressure at present, unable to run classes and meet overheads. Yoga Mandir is no different.Now that Yoga Mandir has established the ability to deliver online classes we are looking for a sustainable model to maintain the viability of the school and support our student body through these difficult times. The weekly timetable will expand this week so that we can now offer a range of levels and times for students. We have added a Pranayama class to the timetable too (its free this week). Currently all the classes will be taken by Alan Goode whilst we try to get on our feet. Check the timetable here these classes to continue and for the school to survive we need your support! You can help us by purchasing classes, class passes and monthly memberships from this week onwards. Passes are available on the returning student page at ahead
  1. If we can achieve a sustainable model that meets your needs, we can expand the timetable further to include our other teachers.
  2. We will continue to offer the community a free class each week for anyone who wishes to attend
  3. There are many in our community suffering immense hardship with the loss of income, social networks and routines. We will be offering a monthly Hardship pass to those in need. Simply email the office to ask.
  4. Commencing shortly, you will be able support others by partnering with us. If you purchase a Hardship pass as a gift for $120 and you’ll be paying half the fees of someone in need (we will pick up the other half).
  5. If you know of a workplace who are now working from home who want to offer a class to their workgroup we can now offer to zoom in to deliver these sessions. Please contact the office to discuss
  6. Students in the Canberra area wishing to borrow props can contact the office (email only) to request a kit. Mat, 2 blocks, 2 blankets, and a belt (chair, bolster, cushions on request) are available with a $50 deposit (cash only on pickup please).
  7. Students wishing to claim credit for unused classes should email the office with your name, enrolment details and number of classes you are seeking credit for. We can credit these to your account for use in the online environment.
  8. Now that many of you are registered on the new website we will begin sending communications from this platform. You will continue to see emails coming from Mailchimp for this week so that all students receive the updates. Apologies if you receive 2 communications.
None of us can know where this will end but at Yoga Mandir we plan to stay open throughout. In extraordinary times we hope to stand together as a community, to support one another and to come through. Maybe now is the time for you to do even more yoga.Thanks for your ongoing supportBest wishesalan20/03/20


To all students,Following the government announcement this afternoon to increase social distancing measures and the growing spread of infections of Covid-19 I have taken the decision to close classes immediately. There will be no classes tomorrow (Saturday 21 March), Sunday or the foreseeable future. I apologise for the short notice and any inconvenience caused.For 15 years Yoga Mandir has developed a vibrant and committed yoga community in the Canberra region as well as around Australia and internationally. We have students of all ages and in all walks of life so it is with great sadness that we cannot continue to offer classes at this time, but I have no doubt that we will redirect the school in these difficult times to meet the needs of our students as well as find new ways to engage. We may be socially distanced but there’s no need to loose touch!In the coming week I will begin to provide online classes and study resources for our community. These will include
  • recorded classes for home practice
  • live streamed classes will be offered to keep up your practice routine
  • private classes will continue so check our timetable for times
Students in the following may continue to attend:
  • Those booked for private classes with Alan
  • Led practice group (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Remember that now is a perfect time to get your yoga kit from and get organised. I will be in touch again in the coming week with an update on new directions and ways to engage with Yoga Mandir.For students who have unused classes we plan to offer credit but we are hoping that you will give us some time to work through the changes.Best wishes to all Alan18/3/20With the rapid spread of COVID-19 things are changing fast. This update is to let you know the steps we are taking to maintain health at the school and minimise unnecessary risk.Yoga Mandir is following the ACT government health guidelines ( ) which currently advise us to minimise contact with others, as well as to avoid large group gatherings.Together we can maintain a hygienic and welcoming space in which to practice. We have put into place the following strategies.• Classes will be conducted using only minimal equipment which will be wiped down at the end of each class. Spray disinfectant will be available in studios for mats and blocks. Better still, why not bring your own mat, belt and blocks if you have them. • We plan to maximise the distance between individual mats. • If you return from an overseas trip, please do not attend classes for the recommended 14 days. • The bathroom is equipped with bar soap, paper towels and single use wipes. Please use the hot water, soap and towels to give your hands a good wash before and after class. • Mats will be cleaned at the end of every class and you are also free to do this at the start of your class too. • Teachers will avoid physical contact via adjustments as an added precaution for now.In these uncertain times a practice of Yoga is more valuable than ever as we all grapple with the changes to routines and the stresses of change. Yoga Mandir is preparing ways that students can access class recordings and practice material for practicing at home. More on this later.Looking ahead, the current advice is that the situation may go on for some time and it may be best to get organised. We recommend that students bring their own mats to class along with belt, blocks and 2 blankets if you have them. This will minimise the sharing of equipment. is the place to go and they are super-fast on delivery. They have a ‘complete practice yoga kit’ which will give you everything you need.As the situation develops, we may adjust the timetable and you will be updated on any relevant changes. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.Regards to all alan