Covid-19 Update

Covid Safe Plan

November  2022

Following the guidelines provided by the ACT government, Yoga Mandir has developed a Covid Safe plan for the safety of both staff and students.

This document acknowledges the potential risks posed by inviting face to face class attendance. We therefore ask that all staff and students become familiar with the detail of our guidelines, as we all hold an important role in ensuring the ongoing safety of all who attend.


Government restrictions require that:

Yoga Mandir holds no more than 25 people across the venue, before density limits of one person per two square metres of usable space apply (exc. Staff). 

Density restrictions will no longer apply after 6.00pm Friday 18 February.

All classes are limited by density restrictions.

To comply with these requirements, Yoga Mandir has implemented the following restrictions on attendance at classes, and use of the space.  Signage within the building will reinforce the following guidelines for each area.

Total Capacity: 74 individuals

  • Studio: 60 people
  • Consult Room: 4 people
  • Reception: 4 people

 Everyone (staff, students and volunteers) must:

  • Check in using the Check In CBR App, if aged 16 years and older. This will no longer apply after 11.59pm Friday 11 February.
  • Take all reasonable steps to maintain social distancing of 1.5 meters in all areas at all times
  • If aged 12 years and over, wear a face mask indoors, unless participating in vigorous physical activity. A person is not required to wear a face mask if they have a physical or mental health condition, or disability, which makes wearing a face mask detrimental to their condition. Face masks will no longer be required from 6.00pm Friday 25 February.

Student Guidelines for Attendance


It is mandatory for all restricted business activities to use the Check In CBR app.  Anyone visiting Yoga Mandir (staff, students & volunteers) must now use the check in CBR app located at the entrance and show staff the green tick, before entering the Institute.  If you do not have a device that supports the app, please check in using our business app on the iPad inside the foyer.  This will no longer apply after 11.59pm Friday 11 February.

Please take all reasonable steps to follow the spacing guidelines of 1.5m as you enter the building.

Within the Studio:

The number of students allowed in the studio will be limited to meet government requirements. Density limits will no longer apply after 6.00pm Friday 18 Februrary.

Mats have been placed according to the spacing requirements and should not be moved. Students will place their own mat on top of one of these studio mats and need to will supply all of their own equipment. 

Students need to leave the premises promptly after class finishes – talking, socialising etc should not take place within the premises.

What to bring:

Please bring a mat, two blocks and two blankets as well as a belt. Although you can participate in class without these items, we cannot lend these items and much of our practice depends on the use of props.

The use of communal studio equipment that cannot be easily cleaned is to be avoided.  Bolsters and cushions may only be used if students have their own slip covers and follow studio guidelines for hand hygiene. 

Record Keeping:

All students attending Studio classes will need to book their place through Mindbody online.  Teachers are required to mark off their attendance lists at the time of the class to ensure that records are correct.


Cleaning sanitising and hygiene activities

Student responsibilities:

Any individual entering the premises must sanitise their hands on entering the building. Hand sanitiser is provided for this purpose at both the entrance and in the studio.

At the conclusion of the class, you will need to sanitise any borrowed equipment and spray down the studio mat that your own mat has been placed on.

Staff/Teacher responsibilities:

Any individual entering the premises must sanitise their hands on entering the building. Hand sanitiser is provided for this purpose at both at the entrance and in the studio.

The doors to paved area in the studio should be opened prior to the class and left open throughout the practice to ensure adequate ventilation.

Following the class staff are responsible for to wiping down all surfaces that have been used by any individual present for the duration of the class and the time prior to and following the class. 

Staff/leaders will ensure that after all other persons have left the building, they will disinfect:

  • All door handles, light switches, heater switches and surfaces that students or staff have come into contact with.
  • All equipment used for virtual classes including the iPad and cords, the microphone, the stage area and office equipment including computers, mouse, desk surfaces and draws/printers as they are used.


Managing staff or student illness


If you are at all unwell do not attend class and do not return to classes until you are fully recovered.  If you begin to feel unwell during a class, please notify your teacher and go home.  If you or anyone in your household has come into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19, please follow the ACT government guidelines and refrain from attending classes for 14 days.  


If a teacher is unwell, they will not attend their allocation and a substitute teacher will step in. This too can happen at the last minute and it may not always be possible for students to be notified. We appreciate your understanding in the event that this takes place.

Adjusting students – Teacher guidelines

Please be aware that hands on adjustments by teachers are not possible under the current restrictions.

Updates to our Covid-Safe Plan will be made as changes to government guidelines emerge. Please check in with this document regularly to ensure that you stay up to date with our processes.


Managing student and staff cases


If a case is reported:

  • Conduct a risk assessment using the Workplace COVID-19 Exposure Assessment Tool and following the recommendations.
  • Notification of student and staff will be aligned with the risk mitigation analysis and meet the recommendations of ACT Health.
  • Put in place and reinforce appropriate control and/or risk management measures to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace.

If a student or staff member is hospitalised as per Safe Worksafe Australia website:

  • PCBUs must notify WorkSafe ACT of a COVID-19 infection where there is evidence it was contracted at a workplace and the infected person is hospitalised. Notification is made by submitting the online incident notification form and by calling WorkSafe ACT on 13 22 81. 


Students attending classes will need to bring their own equipment.


A Practice Kit including a mat, 2 blocks, 2 blankets and a belt is recommended.

Communal bolsters and cushions may only be used if students

have their own slipcovers. 

Slipcovers can be purchased through the Mindbody Shop and

collected when you attend you first class.



To purchase practice kits and other equipment we recommend iyoga props.