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Pregnant and wanting to practice Yoga

No. Only students who are already studying Yoga at the Institute can attend classes when pregnant. Commencing Iyengar Yoga when one becomes pregnant is not recommended.

Yes. Advise your teacher immediately that you are pregnant. Certified teachers (with an Introductory certificate and higher are able to teach pregnant women). Send an email to the Institute office (office(at) and they will send you a form to complete. The form will be kept in the teacher’s folder so that your teacher has access to your information. Also, go into your Yoga Mandir User Account and update your medical conditions section. While we note that pregnancy is not a medical condition, it is very important that any teacher who may be teaching you during the term is aware of the stage of your pregnancy so please note your due date. Details of students’ medical conditions go into the teacher’s folder at the commencement of each term.

If you are experiencing significant health problems during pregnancy, you may wish to consider a Private Assessment. 

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