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  • Do not eat 3 hrs before class – food in your stomach will make you feel heavy and lethargic. Later on when your asana work develops you may feel sick if you have eaten before practice.
  • Hydrate yourself well before the class, but do not drink water during class or bring a water bottle. The senses, which include the way the salivary glands function, become feedback information for us and we do not want to obscure the message coming through the senses.
  • Wear clothes that have an elastic waist and wear pants that allow teachers to see knees and ankles. Bike shorts or tights work well. Please wear a modest shirt that has a reasonably firm fit.

The class levels are explained on the returning students page of the website.  Read carefully and reflect upon the descriptions given about each of the level. Progress in Yoga is based on experience and therefore the number of hours we spend on our mats and in a classroom really matters.  It is easy under our western model of education to intellectualise about our progress and to interpret our development through the filter of our personality (our desires and fears).  The influence of the personality on interpretation of experience is exactly what Yoga advises us about: that mind is not able to observe the objects of life clearly.  Think carefully about the number of terms of practice experience that you have had and how much you practice at home.  Make a decision about what level to attend based on that information rather than where you think you should be or where you would like to be. If uncertain, consult your teacher.


Alan Goode, the principal teacher and Director of the Institute, was trained and assessed directly by BKS Iyengar himself. Demeter Davis, Caroline Plunkett, Sally Mumford, Kylie Elliott, Darryl Alexander, Ela Majocha and Sabrina Sonntag are certified teachers.  All were trained by Alan Goode and assessed by the BKS Iyengar Yoga Association of Australia. 

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