Returning students

We offer class levels to meet the needs of all students. Whether you’re a complete beginner through to students with decades of practice experience there is a place for you at Yoga Mandir.

Each level has a repertoire of asanas and principles of practice so that you can find your place as well as progress systematically.

Scroll down this page for a description of our levels and information on our specialist program enrolments.


Due to ACT Lockdown all Studio classes have been cancelled until further notice.

Virtual classes will continue to be delivered via Zoom.

class Passes

Class Passes can be used to attend any of our VIRTUAL &/or STUDIO classes, including Pranayama.

For a description of all our levels scroll down the page.

Purchase a pass then go to the TIMETABLE tab at the top of the page, click on CLASSES and follow the steps to make your booking.





Available to full time students &
healthcare card holders


(Valid for 90 days)


(Valid for 90 days)
Available to full time students &

healthcare card holders



One month of unlimited classes
Includes FREE

Class archives & Pranayama resources


We understand these are difficult times and empathise with those going through financial hardship. We also recognise that during these challenging times, being connected to a community is important and we are here to help. We are offering FREE access to our friends who need our support. Please contact us for further assistance.

We also welcome support from our student body to contribute towards classes for those in need. Please contact us if you would like to help.

1. Foundations

Our ongoing Foundations classes have a focus on standing poses, seated twists and basic forward bends along with the principles underpinning yoga. Get moving, free the body and remove those aches and pains. It’s a practice of connecting body, breath and mind.


Join the Developing classes where we expand the range of asana detail and string them into longer sequences to develop greater concentration and attention. 


Now that you have a practice you’ve established the skills and judgement to adjust your own practice to meet life’s changing demands.


This level of classes is for ongoing students who practice Iyengar Yoga regularly. Taken by our senior teacher Alan Goode these sessions are not recommended for casual attendance and the practice is focused. Please check with the office before attending.

5. Slow paced

This level of classes uses simple sequences with a focus on integrating mind, body and breath.

OTHER TYPES OF classes we offer


Pranayama is the Yogic art of breathing.

More than just breathing exercises it’s a practice of making the mind and nervous system stable. We work progressively throughout the term using a range of lying and seated breathing exercises to develop our understanding and practice of the patterns. 

Virtual attendance only

One on one individual classes

Our One on One (60 minute) sessions are a chance to work on an issue or to receive guidance regarding your personal practice.

Friday 9.00-10.00am & 10.30-11.30am


There are also a One on One (30 minute) sessions to get some short sharp input. 

These sessions are suitable to students of yoga who are already attending classes at the school.

Friday 8.00-8.30am

Cost: $120 (60 minute) & $60 (30 minute)

Due to the ACT Lockdown all One on One classes have been cancelled until further notice


A private consultation is an hour-long consultation with our Senior Teacher Alan Goode. These sessions are ideal for those with injuries or medical conditions. During your consultation Alan- discusses the condition, reviews your history including any medical notes, explains the approach to working with your condition and will recommend an enrolment or may provide practice guidance and advice.
A private consultation is necessary to attending the Therapy class but can also be useful for students already enrolled in classes. Your individual teacher may also attend these sessions.

Please download and complete a copy of the Private Consultation form and submit to the office(a) once you have booked

Friday 10.30-11.30am

Cost: $130

Due to the ACT Lockdown all Private Consultations have been cancelled until further notice

yoga therapy

Yoga therapy has its roots in the mind-body question. With a focus on alignment, energy and re-establishing balance. It’s a system of integration.

Run by our senior Teacher Alan Goode with over 40 years of yoga practice, these classes are for those with significant injuries and health concerns. Attendance is in a block of 5 weeks and in most instances requires a one on one private assessment prior to participation.

Tuesday 8.15-9.15am

Cost: $250 (5 sessions)

Due to ACT Lockdown there will be no Therapy classes until further notice.