Why practice?

Self-study is at the heart of Yoga. It’s a reference to reflecting upon who we are beyond our roles in life: Beyond how others view us or how we present ourselves outwardly.

All the meditative disciplines involve looking at oneself and what rises, whether it be thoughts, emotions or memories. It’s a reflective practice. The mind is made steady in practice so that we can observe these inner movements.

At Yoga Mandir a reflective practice is conducted through the practice of asana. Having learned and studied asanas individually, along with adjustments, modifications and their links between one another we string the asanas together in sequences which demand attention and application yet deliver a steady reflective mind. Its meditation in action.

We offer the following practice focused programs

LED Practice group

Led practice groups are a chance to practice with others in a cool, meditative environment that delivers a quiet steady mind. Each week a Practice Leader is allocated to lead the group via Zoom.  Practice leaders give a visual, call the asana names and keep timings, there is no instruction. Participants work to their own ability adjusting asanas as needed. 


Individual practice

On Wednesday and Friday the school is open from 6.30-8.30am for individual practice. Students of the school who are currently attending can book in to do their own practice during this time. You might want to work on a stiff area or learn how to use a specific prop or support or simply knock out a short sharp practice on your way to work or a meeting. Its up to you.

A teacher is allocated to each session to supervise so seek input or you may get some correction or adjustment.