Slow Paced classes

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Alan Goode

Slow paced classes at Yoga Mandir apply a principles-based approach to practice. The classes recognise that how we work affects the outcome as much as which asanas we do. Learning to listen to the asana requires the development of sensitivity and awareness and this is the focus of this class format.

We use simple sequences and focus on how to adjust ourselves within the asanas, integrating, body, breath and mind.

These classes run

  • Tuesday 10.00-11.15am taught by Darryl. Studio only
  • Thursday 10.00-11.15am taught by Alan. Studio and Virtual attendance

Bookings can be made on the timetable page:

The image below represents a famous scene from the Bhagavad Gita. Where Krisna (left) and Arjuna are in discussion about the challenges of life. Arjuna anguishes over the challenges he faces and how overwhelmed he is. He wants to run away or avoid the issues.

As the dialogue unfolds, Krishna suggests ways that Arjuna can respond to these issues and how he can transform the world by changing how he looks at things.

One of the key messages of the Gita is that how we understand ourselves is the basis from which we engage in the world around us and making sense of the world within allows us to act effectively in life.

By Unknown artist

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